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17 September 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 15:16 GMT+2

July 21, 2021

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In June, the growth trend of the cargo traffic handled by Chinese ports

In the seaports the volumes containerized were equal to 21.4 million teu (+6.3%)

Growth eased considerably last month of the goods traffic in Chinese ports which amounted to 1.36 billion tons, an increase of +5.0% on June 2020, of which 862.1 million tons handled by ports seafarers (+1.3%) and 499.2 million tonnes handled by the inland port (+11.9%). Even more accentuated the weakening of the growth trend of goods traffic with foreign countries handled in June 2021 from Chinese ports which stood at 403.8 million tonnes (+2.5%), of which 356.6 million tonnes passed through seaports (+1.9%) and 47.2 million tonnes through inland ports (+7.6%).

Among the seaports, last month the most consistent Traffic volume was handled by the port of Ningbo-Zhoushan with 113.6 million tons (-4.3%), of which 50.2 million tonnes of goods abroad (+8.6%), followed by Shanghai ports with 61.1 million tons (+11.4%), of which 36.2 million tonnes of international goods (+14.7%), Qingdao with 57.4 million tons (+6.5%), of which 41.2 million tonnes foreign (+3.1%), Tangshan with 56.2 million tonnes (-13.0%), of which 15.6 million tonnes abroad (-36.7%), and Guangzhou with 54.5 million tons (+0.4%), of which 13.8 million tonnes abroad (+15.9%).

Last month the only container traffic handled by the Chinese ports amounted to 24.3 million teu (+7.0%), of of which 21.4 million teu in seaports (+6.3%) and 2.9 million teu in inland ports (+12.8%). The highest volumes of Containerized traffic were handled by the ports of Shanghai with 4.1 million teu (+13.6%), Ningbo-Zhoushan with 2.8 million teu (+11.9%), Qingdao with 2.1 million teu (+13.8%), Guangzhou with 2.1 million teu (+1.5%) and Tianjin with 2.0 million of teu (+19.6%).

In the first half of 2021, total freight traffic handled by Chinese ports was 7.64 billion tonnes, with an increase of +13.2% on the first half of the last year, of which 4.96 billion tonnes handled by the seaports (+10.3%), including 2.10 billion tonnes of international goods (+8.5%), and 2.68 billion tons handled by inland ports (+18.9%), of which 261.0 million tonnes of international goods (+15.3%).

In the first six months of this year the most traffic volumes consistent were handled by the ports of Ningbo-Zhoushan with 623.0 million tonnes (+9.5%), of which 288.5 million tonnes tons of international cargoes (+12.0%), Tangshan with 350.5 million tonnes (+9.8%), of which 128.8 million tonnes with foreign countries (-9.4%), Shanghai with 345.7 million tons (+15.1%), of which 204.5 million tonnes of foreign goods (+12.3%), Qingdao with 319.0 million tonnes (+7.6%), of which 235.4 million tons abroad (+6.9%), and Guangzhou with 312.3 million tonnes (+5.3%), of which 78.2 million tonnes tonnes abroad (+15.7%).

In the first half of 2021, containerized traffic is was equal to 138.2 million teu (+15.0%), of which 122.0 million teu teu handled by seaports (+14.0%) and 16.2 million teu from inland ports (+22.4%).

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