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November 30, 2021

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In the period 2021-2025 the shipping market will register a compound annual growth rate of +5.1%

Transport Intelligence provides for it

In the first half of 2021 the value of the world market of shipments amounted to 195.07 billion euros recording a growth of +19.0% on the same period of last year when the value had reduced considerably due to of the Covid pandemic. This was announced by the company of Ti - Transport Intelligence research by presenting its own forecasts on the evolution of this market in the coming years, sector that - according to the British company - in the five years that will conclude in 2025 will mark a year of growth rate compound of +5.1% thanks to the recovery of economies and trade commercial with the exit from the health crisis.

He specified that the increase will be driven mainly from the expansion of the shipping markets of the asia-pacific and north america regions that will march increases in the CAGR of +6% and +4.9% respectively. In addition, for shipments by air alone is expected in the five-year period a compound year growth rate of +5.6%, while shipments maritime will mark an annual increase of +4.5%.

Finally, he believes that between now and 2025 the shortage of capacity and the supply chain bottlenecks that have characterized the logistics market in 2021 will dissolve both as a result a return of demand and levels of trade to the historical averages both due to the normalization of the level of capacity in the air and maritime transport markets.

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