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December 7, 2021

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Agreement between CNR, Enel Italia and Garbage Service for the electrification of the blue economy

Among the objectives, to reduce pollution in port areas

The president of the CNR, Maria Chiara Carrozza, the president of Enel Italia and PNRR Project Manager, Carlo Tamburi, and the sole administrator of Garbage Service, Paolo Baldoni, have signed a protocol that provides for initiatives with the objectives of mitigate the environmental impact of greenhouse gases in the blue economy, reduce pollution in port areas and marine environments thanks to technological solutions that favor the use of electricity for powering boats on the quay and at sea.

In particular, the agreement provides for collaboration for the identification of solutions for the electrification of the docks intended for the activities of fishing vessels; efficiency energy of marinas and ports, through integration with production plants from renewable sources, favoring the creation of port energy communities. Collaboration will come also extended to energy efficiency activities applied to other types of smaller naval units such as those of technical-nautical services, bettoline, bages, pontoons and boats; the development of projects for the protection of the marine environment to mitigate and prevent the dispersion of materials into the sea; the creation of operational and management methodologies for recovery functional plastics in port areas and in the open sea applying the principles of circular economy.

CNR, Enel and Garbage Service will also promote activities joint communication to foster electrification and energy efficiency and to raise awareness among citizens on issues of marine pollution reduction and by activity of scientific dissemination in schools.

"Electrification - underlined Carlo Tamburi - is one of the strategic levers of the energy transition. Develop solutions dedicated to the blue economy will allow the sector port a leap forward in sustainability, generating virtuous repercussions of cost reduction, emissions climate-altering and pollution, for the benefit of operators and of the community".

'Studies on the energy efficiency of the activity of fishing carried out by the Cnr-Irbim of Ancona, an institute on the front line in marine research, with particular reference to fisheries and mitigation of related environmental impacts - specified by part of her Maria Chiara Carrozza - represent one of the opportunities to capitalise at national level on experiences tested and carried out on the territory that an institution of widespread research as the CNR can offer to the Country System for inspire new projects».

"The agreement signed today - explained the administrator unique garbage service Baldoni - will allow us to put to system a whole series of professionalism of the highest level in the field of blue growth and the blue economy. From our part we will make available all the know-how gained in over 60 years of activity at sea and at the "edge" quay", with the aim of mitigating the environmental impact deriving from human activities in the port area'.

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