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December 16, 2021

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In November the traffic of goods in the port of Barcelona is decreased by -1.8%

Decrease of -7.2% of container loads

In November 2021, as well as the previous month, the cargo traffic handled by the port of Barcelona has recorded a decrease of 5.48 million tons, with a decrease of -1.8% on November 2020 determined mainly from the reduction of -7.2% of goods in containers which amounted to 3.13 million tons (-7.2%) made with a handling of containers equal to 290 thousand teu (-4.6%), including 112 thousand teu in transit (-20.0%) and 178 thousand teu in import-export (+8.4%). Solid bulk with 228 thousand tons (-41.3%). Liquid bulk increased by +24.7% rising to 1.20 million tons, of which 981 thousand tons of hydrocarbons (+28.0%) and 224 thousand tons of other loads (+11.9%). Other various goods are also on the rise with 923 thousand tons (+7.4%). The handling of cars was 45 thousand cars (-16.1%). In November 2021, the recovery in the passenger sector with 53 thousand people moved by ferries +97.2%) and 91 thousand cruise passengers, traffic that in November 2020 it was stopped because of the pandemic.

In the first eleven months of this year the Catalan port has handled a total of 59.53 million tons of goods, with a progression of +13.4% on the corresponding period of 2020. Growth (+20.0%) of containerized goods increased totaled with a container handling of 3.23 million of teu (+21.6%), of which 1.35 million teu in transit (+31.1%) and 1.87 million at disembarkation/embarkation (+15.6%). The other miscellaneous goods are were pairs to 9,88 million tons (+13.0%). Also on the rise dry bulk with 4.04 million tons (+10.9%), while liquid ones decreased by -2.0% to 11.41 million tons, of which 8.44 million tons of hydrocarbons (-6.1%) and 2.98 million tons of other liquid cargoes (+12.1%). The handling of cars was 457 thousand units (+7,8%). In the passenger sector, traffic was 1.40 million people (+69.4%), of which 911 thousand in the segment of ferries (+45.3%) and 488 thousand in that of cruises (+145.3%).

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