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April 14, 2022

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In the first three months of this year the traffic of goods in the Russian ports grew by +1.2%

Slight decrease (-0.5%) in exports

In the first quarter of this year Russian ports have handled 200.2 million tons of goods, with an increase +1.2% on the same period of 2021. In the segment of dry cargoes - announced the association of commercial ports Russians - the total was 90.1 million tons (-5.5%), of which 43.2 million tons of coal (-5.6%), 14.4 million tons of goods in container (- 1.5%), 7.6 million of tons of cereals (-29.8%), 4.7 million tons of mineral fertilizers (+8.5%), 2.9 million tons of minerals (+14.6%) and 6.9 million tons of ferrous metals (-6,0%). The total liquid loads were 10.1 million tons (+7.3%), including 62.8 million tons of crude oil (+12.8%), 36.1 million tons of products refined petroleum (-0.9%), 9.8 million tons of gas liquefied (+10.3%) and 1.1 million tons of products food (-16.0%).

In the first three months of 2022 the total goods in export was of 157.2 million tons (-0.5%), that of imported goods of 10.3 million tons (+15.0%), goods in transit amounted to 16.3 million tons (+2.9%) and cabotier traffic has been of 16,4 million tons (+8.5%).

Relative to the volume of port traffic in the main regions of Russia, in the first quarter of this year the ports of the Arctic basin have enlivened 23.9 million tons of cargoes (+4.3%), those of the Baltic basin 60.5 million tons (+2.3%), the ports of the Azov-Black Sea basin 61.0 million tons (+0.3%), the ports of call of the Caspian basin 1.3 million tons (-32.8%) and the Russian ports of the Far East 53.5 million tons (+0.9%).

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