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May 2, 2022

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The Suez Canal has set a new transit record of ships for the month of April

New historical peaks in ship tonnage and revenues generated by maritime traffic

Last month the Suez Canal was crossed by 1,929 ships, number that represents an increase of +6.3% on April 2021 as well as the new record for this month and the third highest figure ever being lower only than the 1,993 ships transited in August 2008 and at 1,930 passed through the Egyptian waterway in October 2008.

In April 2022 the new record was also recorded historical tonnage of ships transited in Suez terms Canal Net Tonnage (SCNT) which amounted to 114.5 million of SCNT tons, with an increase of +3.9% on april of last year. The previous record was set in November 2021 with 113.6 million tons SCNT.

Last month the Suez Canal also scored the new historical record of revenue generated by the transit rights applied to ships crossing the waterway which amounted to 629 million dollars, with a rise of +13.6% on April 2021 and with an increase of 2.8 million compared to the previous record set in March 2022.

In April 2022 the growth of +6.3% of transits was generated exclusively by the increase of +25.5% in ship transits tank, attested to 560 naval units, while the transits of the other types of ships - equal to 1,369 units - are remained stable, with significant increases in the segments of the container ships (+9.0%), ships for liquefied natural gas (+12.0%) and car carriers (+6.6%).

In the first quarter of this year the Egyptian canal is was crossed by a total of 7,232 ships, with a progression of +13.1% on the corresponding period of 2021. The tonnage of transited ships amounted to 427.9 million tons SCNT (+6.5%) and revenues generated by transits were equal to 2.3 billion dollars (+18.4%).

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