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May 13, 2022

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Decline in container traffic in the port of Bremen in the first quarter of this year

Growth of bulk and conventional goods

In the first quarter of this year the traffic of goods in the Port of Bremen/Bremerhaven decreased by -0.3% being amounted to 17.53 million tonnes compared with 17.58 million tonnes in first three months of 2021, a decline that was generated by the declines of -4.5% and -2.6% in February and March compared to last year to the same months of 2021 following the increase of +8.0% recorded last January. The slight increase in the first three months of 2022 was determined by the increase of +2.5% of goods on landing, which amounted to 9.07 million tonnes, while those at boarding fell by -3.0% to 8.46 million Tons.

In addition, the modest increase in the first quarter of this year is due to the growth of bulk and goods conventional, while containerized cargoes have accused a contraction of -4.8% having attested to 13.00 million tons totaled with a handling of containers equal to 1.23 million teu (-8.1%). Conventional goods have risen by +13.3% to 2.26 million tons, of which 900 thousand tons of rolling stock (+19.7%), 517 thousand tons of steels (+15.4%), 218 thousand tons of forest products (+13.0%) and 630 thousand tons of other loads (+3.8%). In the liquid bulk sector the volume total has been of 32 thousand tons (+17.6%) and in that of solid bulk of 1,94 million tons (+18.5%), included 990 thousand tons of minerals (+15.3%), 131 thousand tons of cereals and foodstuffs (+44.0%), 80 thousand tons of coal and coke (-24.5%) and 1.06 million tons of other dry bulk (+24,2%). In the segment of car handling, the Traffic in the German port was 416 thousand vehicles (-8,8%).

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