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May 25, 2022

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Agreement for the Management of the Intermodal Pole of the Interport of Catania

The activity entrusted to the Terminals Italia of the FSI Group

The Sicilian Interports Society (SIS), which was participated by the Sicilian Region, has formalized the agreement with Terminali Italia, the company of the Italian state railway group, to start intermodal services of the platform in the Industrial Zone. of Catania, just a short distance from the railway station in Bicocca. With this agreement, as part of a new network contract called Cint (Intermodal Catania), Terminali Italia will deal with the first and final rail and management services in the Intermodal Pole of Catania's Interport.

The Sicilian Region, through SIS, is about to finalise and put into operation the work, with work entrusted to ATI in April 2019. composed of Consortium Stable SQM (parent), Stable National Environment and Security Consortium, Aleandri and Greengea.

Marco Falcone, on the sidelines of the signing of the memorandum of understanding for the management of the new Intermodal Pole of the Interport of Catania, is an important day for the entire transport system, " Falcone said in a statement. of eastern Sicily. When we took office, SIS was a decotta society and the Interport of Catania was a cathedral in the desert. Today instead the Region has a company with the bills in order that put the Interport's Logistic Pole into operation and that it has built, and now completed, the Polo Intermodal etnec. The Musumus government now identifies with Terminals Italy the appropriate management path for this work, which has been waiting for at least a decade, averting the risk of a new unfinished. "

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