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June 15, 2022

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Costa Cruises establishes a department dedicated to decarbonisation

A new generation of exhaust gas purification

Costa Cruises establishes a department dedicated to decarbonization within its Carnival unit Maritime, based in Hamburg, which will bring together expertise scientific and technical group under a single entity and will be responsible for the development and implementation of the strategy to achieve the objectives of decarbonisation of Costa and AIDA fleets by 2050. The cruise company has explained that the commitment will be strongly focused on the research and development, energy management and analysis of data, in order to develop the action plan that will lead zero-emission naval operations. As a priority, the new department will work to further improve the environmental performance of the existing fleet, working in synergy with the sustainability departments of the Costa and AIDA brands. In particular, the unit will study and test new technologies, such as batteries, fuel cells, energy solar and wind, to accelerate their availability.

With regard to emission abatement systems of the ships in its fleet, Costa has announced that it is currently a new one is being developed with the reference partners generation of exhaust gas purification systems gas cleaning systems) which will further reduce the level of emissions. Expected subsequent developments will take place with the application of alternative fuels on a large scale, including biofuels (liquefied biogas and biodiesel), methanol, ammonia and hydrogen, will allow ships to be flexible in the use of low-carbon energy. A in this regard, the Costa group is designing solutions for meet storage and utilization capacity requirements of new generation fuels, both for new ships construction, both for the current fleet.

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