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June 27, 2022

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Contributions of EUR 220 million for gas liquefaction and LNG and Bio-LNG transport

The funds are also intended for the purchase of ships for the bunkering

Today the Minister of Infrastructure and Mobility Sustainable, Enrico Giovannini, has signed the decree that defines the procedure to be followed to carry out interventions for a total of 220 million euros, financed by the Complementary National Fund (PNC), aimed at the construction of liquefaction plants of natural gas, refuelling points in natural gas ports liquefied (LNG and Bio-LNG) and for the purchase of ships to allow bunkering activities.

The contribution goes to finance three types of intervention: 90 millions are earmarked for the construction of liquefaction of natural gas, 40 million for the construction of LNG and Bio-LNG refuelling points in the port area, 90 millions for the purchase of naval units for the activities bunkering. The contributions are intended for manufacturing companies and distributors of liquefied natural gas and to shipowners who carry out the refueling of naval units in the field harbour.

Today's decree defines the methods of presentation of the request to access the contribution and sets the requirements necessary for the beneficiaries of the assistance. In particular, the applications can be submitted from 9:00 am on 10 am July, until 13:00 on 10 September 2022, while by September 30, 2022 the administration will define the ranking for the admission of projects to the contribution. The procedure of examination of the applications will include a preliminary phase, carried out by the Directorate-General for the Supervision of the Authorities of Port System of the Ministry, and a decision-making phase for which it is the appointment of an evaluation committee consisting of subjects internal and external to the administration. Evaluation of the applications will be made on the basis of precise criteria, such as: the quality of the project; innovative elements and technical-scientific contents of the project; the expected impact on production chain in the territorial area of reference; the contribution to energy efficiency and sustainability environmental.

For liquefaction plants and the realization of replenishment the works must be completed by 31 March 2026, while the purchase of naval units for bunkering must take place by 31 March 2025. However, the Management of the Ministry reserves the right to admit to the contribution also interventions that take longer under circumstances or duly justified technical conditions.

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