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July 12, 2022

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Last month the traffic of goods in Russian ports is decreased by -3.2%

In the march-june quarter of this year the decline was was -3.7%. Accentuated the decrease in goods in import (-28.5%)

Last month, Russian ports handled a total of about 69.3 million tons of goods, with a decrease in -3.2% on June 2021. The most pronounced reduction is was recorded by liquid bulk totalling 34.3 million tons (-5.0%), including 20.9 million tons of crude oil (-0.5%), 10.6 million tons of products refined oil (-13.1%), 2.6 million tons of gas natural liquefied (0%) and 0.1 million tons of products food (-50.0%). Dry goods fell by -1.4% amounting to 35.0 million tonnes, of which 19.6 million tonnes tons of coal (+8.3%), 3.1 million tons of goods in container (-39.2%), 2.4 million tons of fertilizers minerals (+60.0%), 2.3 million tons of ferrous metals (-11.5%), 2.3 million tons of cereals (-14.8%) and 1.3 million tons of minerals (+18.2%).

With regard to the different traffic flows, in June 2022 the export volumes through Russian ports amounted to 56.6 million tons (-0.4%), those in import at 2.4 million tons (-35.1%), cargoes in transit to 4.5 million of tons (-18.2%) and cabotage traffic to 5.8 million tons (+3.6%).

Last month the largest volume of traffic is handled by Russian ports in the Sea of Azov/Black Sea basin which was equal to 20.7 million tons (-9.6%). The Ports in the Baltic Sea basin handled 20.6 million tons (-2.8%), those of the Far Eastern basin 19.9 million tons (+3.1%), the Russian ports of the Arctic basin 7.7 million tons (+1.3%) and those of the Caspian Sea basin 0.4 million tons (-33.3%).

The Association of Russian Commercial Ports has announced that in the entire first half of 2022 traffic was 410.0 million tons, with a contraction of -0.5% on the first half of last year, of which 325.9 million tons of goods in export (-0.8%), 17.8 million tons in import (- 11.0%), 31.9 million tons of cargo in transit (-0.6%) and 34.4 million tons of traffic cabotage (+9.6%).

Altogether in the first six months of this year the Russian ports of the Sea of Azov/Black Sea handled 124.7 million tons of goods (-0.6%), those of the Baltic Sea 123.3 (-0.2%), i ports of the Far East 111.0 million tons (-1.9%), i ports of the Arctic 48,4 million tons (+4.8%) and the ports of the Caspian Sea 2.6 million tons (-30.6%).

The total number of dry goods handled in the first half of 2022 is of 190,0 million tons (- 5.4%), included 97.3 million tons of coal (-4.0%), 24.1 million tons of containerized goods (-20.9%), 15.3 million tons of cereals (-10.5%), 10.7 million tons of mineral fertilizers (+15.6%), 6.8 million tons of minerals (+27.6%) and 13.5 million tons of ferrous metals (-11,7%). The global flow of liquid bulk has been 220,0 million tons (+4.1%), of which 130,6 million tons of crude oil (+11.8%), 68.3 million tons of refined petroleum products (-8.6%), 18.6 million tons of liquefied natural gas (+7.5%) and 2.1 million tons of food products (+0.2%).

In the second quarter of this year alone the volume of goods handled by Russian ports was 209.8 million tons, with a decrease of -2.1% on the corresponding period of 2021.

In the march-june quarter of 2022, period entirely affected by the effects of the war initiated by Russia last February 24 with the invasion of the territory of Ukraine, the Russian ports handled 273.3 million tons of goods, with a decrease of -3.7% on the march-june quarter of last year. To be affected in particular by the impact of the crisis Geopolitics has been the flow of dry goods that is result of 127.8 million tonnes, with a reduction of -8.6% on the period March-June 2021, while liquid bulk have marked a slight increase of +1.0% rising to 145.5 million Tons. The total number of goods for export is state of 218.8 million tons (- 3.2%), that of goods in import of 10.3 million tons (- 28.5%), the figure of goods in transit of 20.6 million tons (- 5.9%) and that of the cabotier traffic of 23,6 million tons (+10.3%). With regard to the various Russian regional port systems, in the period March-June of 2022 the ports of the Sea of Azov/Black Sea have enlivened 82.4 million tons of cargo (- 4.5%), ports of the Baltic Sea 81.4 million tons (-3.7%), those of the Far East 75.7 million tons (-4.3%), Arctic ports 32.1 million tons (+2.2%) and those of the Caspian Sea 1.7 million tons (-32.0%).

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