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July 20, 2022

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Nomisma Mare highlights the consistency and strategic nature of the economy of the sea

To the value of the maritime cluster is added that of the sector tourist

A quarter of the Italian economy, directly or indirectly, originates from the sea. This is highlighted by an instant report developed by Nomisma Mare, the new division of Nomisma established as its own to fill a chronic gap also in economic and political analysis and social of the country that rarely takes into account the activities linked to the sea, in which it is noted that, by aggregating and integrating the different economic, commercial, productive activities, tourist and energy related to the sea you get to overcome the 25% of the national GDP.

The report points out that, in the tourism sector alone, the sea sector, in the lead among the choices of both foreign tourists and of the Italian ones, represents over 60% of the tourist flow global that in Italy weighs for 6% of the national GDP. The so-called satellite account, the one that takes into account the whole induced tourism, makes maritime tourism jump over 9%. On the other hand, on the islands in Italy live over 6.6 million Italian citizens, who welcome 26 million tourists every year by sea. The maritime cluster, the one that includes the companies of shipping, shipping agents, freight forwarders and ports, instead it exceeds 2% of GDP, but jumps to 9% if the entire logistics chain that pivots on the ports. And it is precisely from the logistics that depends on the competitiveness of the economic system and national production also considering that by sea transit the 63.7% of Italian imports and 50% of exports. The "motorways of the sea" transport 1.5 billion annually of vehicles, lightening land transport with a saving of external costs (primarily pollution) amounting to 297 million a year.

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