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July 28, 2022

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Venice Port Community, the tender landing of the Cruserists does not damage Venice nor its role as a home port

The committee specifies that such a solution cannot represent a stable alternative to the widespread approx.

The Venice Port Community (VPC), the committee formed by associations and bodies aimed at fostering the development of the ports of Venice and Chioggia, has reiterated the strategic importance of the cruise industry " for the port economic return that feeds and in support of the quality tourism vocation " of Venice. In this regard, the Committee highlighted the fundamental need to " pay maximum attention to a solution at certain times of dredgers for the maintenance and restoration of the navigability of the channels of great navigation (Malamocco channel) Marghera and Vittorio Emanuele) by returning the correct operation of the Marittima, while in compliance with restrictions on the navigation of the former decree-law 103 (the 2021 measure to protect Venice's waterways, ndr ) and current regulations. "

In addition, VPC has called for a "great attention to the progress of the Morphological Plan and the Mud Protocol, for decades," the committee said, in administrative deadlock, as well as knowing where the reboots ended. promise to workers of the induced always by the recalled decree-law and after a year still not lost. " The Venice Port Community said it would ask " for all sides in view of the looming political elections an act of responsibility and commitment on the issues shared with the port community, as a tangible sign of the awareness of the seriousness of the situation and the need for a clear commitment to identify walkable solutions in certain times. "

Referring then to the recent operations in the rada of the cruise ship Norwegian Gem , which had carried out the landing of the passengers in Venice with the use of tender, activities that had caused controversy mainly by those who believe that such a typology of landing a tourism "biting and escaping" harmful to Venice, Venice Port Community, which said it did not want to go into the merits of the controversy, stressed "the successful completion of the run-up to the rada, which took place on Saturday thanks to favourable weather conditions and, as a natural consequence," the committee noted. of the lack of credible solutions for all shipowners to one year from entering vigor of the decree-law 103 ". However, VPC said that " such a solution cannot be a stable alternative to the widespread harbor, but it is an opportunity to be assessed on a case-by-case basis on which the competent authorities can assess the modalities and management of the operations, in compliance with the decree-law 103, which places a ban on the transit of ships with the known limitations on the channels placed under cultural restraint, without banning the use of the rada. "

Therefore, in response to those who believe that the passenger tender landing could also cause Venice to lose the role of home port for cruises, VPC noted that it was "unjust, however, to diminish the economic value of the operation with the suspect." (unfounded) that the transit operation in rada goes to erode the normal boarding and landing (home port) operations, posing as an alternative to these. " On the VPC point it found that the ship Norwegian Gem " It was planned for a long time (as evident) in transit activities and that the berths made available in Marghera on the day of the touch were two, both of which were already occupied by ships as a function of home port. The alternative for the company would therefore have been to not scale Venice, with obvious economic damage, also claimed by the passengers for the failure to comply with the travel arrangements. "

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