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September 19, 2022

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Federlogistica calls for a direction of maritime policies in able to deal with emergencies

Blackbird: create a special reactive and professional structure on the model of civil protection

Federlogistics, in light of the growing risks of change climate at sea, calls for the definition of a direction of policies Maritime. Highlighting that the images of the ship that broke the moorings in Ravenna, the repeated whirlwinds in the coastal areas, forecasts of sea rise, increasing erosion of the coast - phenomena predicted by the precise analysis of Enea and CNR - do not seem to arouse any reflection in many political forces, the president of the Italian federation of logistics companies, Luigi Merlo, urged that the complex policies of the sea, which have been waiting for six years for the implementation in Italy of the maritime spatial planning and transversally different dicasteries, find in the new government a answer accomplished.

"We need - explained the president of Federlogistica - a direction of maritime policies, starting immediately from the creation of a special reactive and professional structure on the model of the civil protection, able to work simultaneously on programming and emergencies. Lacks vision and design of resilient maritime works, on the Dutch model, go strengthened and secured port infrastructure, rail and road. Forecasting systems need to be improved and work on simulations that can make you better understand and in I anticipate the phenomena generated by the warming of the sea. I'm now years - recalled Merlo - that we fight on this issue, too time has been lost and we are in full situation emergency'.

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