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September 20, 2022

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Port of Livorno, the AdSP considers the denial incomprehensible of the unions to evaluate the suspension of the strike

Warriors: at this point the conclusion of the dispute it becomes much more difficult and can lead to chaos

The Port System Authority of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern does not understand the stitching of the unions in the framework of negotiations to stop the workers' strike ports of Livorno, Piombino and Elba started yesterday. Second the institution, "it is an incomprehensible denial that the trade unions have opposed yet another attempt of the AdSP to arrive at a truce in port on the threshold of the 48-hour strike, thus giving the impression - they believe to Palazzo Rosciano - to have lost the sense of their mission in the inability to know how to identify the right points mediation in a negotiation'.

The recrimination of the port authority follows the negative outcome of a working table convened last night by the port authority, the third since the strike began, meeting - has specified the AdSP - which has not yet arrived at a conclusion "despite the mediation action of the port authority had made it possible to respond to all the demands of trade unions. Stabilizations, initiation of a tariff comparison with all parties involved and reform of the organizational model of the company that provides temporary work in port. These were the points of fall - recalled the body - on which the port authority and organizations employers had tried to find a balance with the unions. In the results achieved by the AdSP, in fact, had also returned the offer from companies to stabilize immediately well thirty employees currently employed on a fixed-term basis'.

"Out of a sense of responsibility, in the face of the 48-hour strike - explained the president of the AdSP, Luciano Warriors - we had decided to keep the canal active dialogue, convening trade unions and employers' associations in a new table aimed at reaching the negotiation. Had even passed the last point left open in the meeting previous and that had been the only object of rupture: that on the stabilization of precarious workers'. Warriors has specified that the mediation proposal was also composed of others essential elements "that - he underlined - we believe were the only ones who can give concrete answers to the urgencies posed by trade unions and also recognized by associations employers'

The port authority has clarified that the game of reform of art. 17 (the provision of temporary port work) it was certainly one of the pillars of the proposal of mediation, as part of whose restructuring process the AdSP - pointed out the body - would also have addressed the issue of the workers of the temporary employment company, Intempo, who have been in a precarious situation for years and on which the AdSP has long been working for a full enhancement of the Skills. "As part of the negotiation - he added Warriors - she was then even brought back to a fair relationship industrial the generalized demand for a wage increase, reporting it as part of a second-level comparison between the companies and company union representatives, with the aim of shared to get results within about two months».

"Today - denounced Guerrieri - the union has wasted a great opportunity. At this point the conclusion of the dispute it becomes much more difficult and can lead to chaos where the continuous revival of trade union demands risks make our port system and the port of Livorno in particular. In the best general interest of the port, the maintenance of port traffic, jobs and business continuity - concluded Guerrieri - the AdSP, recorded the availability by the employers' trade associations, will continue in any case in the the process of reorganization of the complex world has already begun of work in port, including tariff and labour aspects temporary'.

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