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September 20, 2022

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Filt, Fit and Uilt, in Livorno the port workers are the victims of the Port System that has in the entrepreneurs the only ones Responsible

The productivity of the port of Livorno - underline the trade unions - is in line with all European ports

"Port workers are the victims of the Port System, which has in the entrepreneurs the only ones responsible". They have it underlined the representatives of Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti confirming the continuation of the protest action on the docks of the Tuscan ports of Livorno, Piombino and Elba which will result from this midnight in 48 hours of strike of the workers of the port system. This attribution of responsibilities of the protest comes after the Authority of Port System of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea had stigmatized as "incomprehensible" the position of the unions ( of 20 September 2022).

"The trade unions, with the proclamation of the strike, following the presentation of the platform claim - explained Giuseppe Gucciardo (Filt-Cgil), Dino Keszei (Fit-Cisl) and Gianluca Vianello (Uiltrasporti) - put to naked all the critical issues that after years of complaints have not received the necessary solutions. From 12 September, the first day of strike, we have received confirmation of responsibilities. What has happened in these days of strike and negotiations? The representatives of the Port Entrepreneurs of Livorno - they have took over the representatives of the trade unions - they declared at the table that it was a mistake to allow the acquisition of shares corporate to the shipowners and not to have any bargaining power against them; port undertakings have requested adaptation tariff under penalty of the holding of the companies themselves; was moreover, recognized by the AdSP a distorted use of the single CCNL of the port workers in the field of security and abuse of the extraordinary. At the request of the secretariats - they recalled Gucciardo, Keszei and Vianello - granted 30 stabilizations, two-thirds in the weakest economic actors, who without guarantees of the necessary economic resources further aggravate the port crisis. This assessment comes after that, on the 14th September, the AdSP and the entrepreneurs had given for sure a discussion on 19 September with representatives of the shipowners, in order to redefine a tariff system that would guarantee a redistribution of wealth, declaration disavowed on the 19th September. Therefore, we reject any accusation."

"The port workers - reiterated Gucciardo, Keszei and Vianello - are the victims of the port system, which has in the entrepreneurs are solely responsible. The proof of this is the data on the productivity of the port of Livorno (Plan of the Organic Port 2021-2023) which is in line with all the European ports. The dockers have done their duty. Now it's the moment that those who caused this disaster offer remedies, instead of placing the responsibility on the workers. These - pointed out the representatives of the three unions - these are the reasons that forced the secretariats to continue the strike'.

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