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France is exploring the possibility of producing its own e-fuels for the decarbonisation of planes and ships
A study by ADEME envisages two scenarios and estimates the resources needed
November 28, 2023
L'Agence De l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Energie (ADEME), the French public agency that deals with efficiency energy, resource and waste management, climate and of pollution, presented its report "Electro-carburants en 2050" focused on the possibility of producing synthetic fuels in France at the the need to have plenty of them Extremely significant for the decarbonisation of sectors aviation and maritime in accordance with the strategy established by the Union European.

ADEME recalled that the recent European ReFuelEU regulations Aviation and FuelEU Maritime set for the period from 2025 to 2050 ambitious targets for the progressive use of fuels sustainable: for air transport, the regulation sets a minimum 35% of synthetic fuels by 2050 and for transport 80% reduction in greenhouse gas intensity of marine fuels. The agency's report notes that the production of these e-fuels in France, however, would require low-carbon electricity to produce hydrogen and CO2, which will have to be non-fossil from 2041.

The report presents, through two scenarios, the assessment of the about the volumes of electricity used to produce hydrogen and biogenic CO2, the emission of which is considered climate-neutral, which would be necessary to Achieving the decarbonisation targets of the maritime sectors and aeronautics by 2050. In this regard, in order to determine the different possible scenarios, ADEME has hypothesized the production in France of all e-fuel needs and crossed two Determining parameters: the performance of the production processes of e-fuel and the level of air and sea traffic.

The first scenario, which is more energy-intensive, foresees that, as part of the energy mix envisaged on the basis of the energy demand, by 2050 the share of synthetic fuels will be by 70%. In the most energy-intensive scenario, with increasing levels of air and sea traffic, the needs of electricity for the synthesis of e-fuels and biogenic CO2 are very substantial, amounting to 175 terawatt hours - i.e. the energy produced by about 13 reactors pressurised water - of which 108 for the aeronautics and about 66 terawatt hours for the maritime sector, and 18.6 million tonnes of biogenic CO2, of which 12.4 million tonnes for the and 6.3 million tonnes for the which would require the development of maritime infrastructure, dedicated to the collection and transport of this CO2. The use of CO2 biogenic plant to produce synthetic fuels - specifies the report - would also compete with the need to store it in the soil and subsoil to reach the carbon neutrality, making the energy cycle and even more complex.

The second energy-intensive scenario involves a demand for energy produced from synthetic fuels of 35%, with resources to be mobilised that would amount to 44-68 terawatt hours of electricity and 5.8-7.3 million tonnes of CO2 Biogenic. In this case, experts note, the objectives decarbonisation of aviation and maritime transport would seem achievable.

In light of these scenarios, ADEME recommended A "reasoned" implementation of synthetic fuels in order to avoid penalising other sectors that will need electricity and biogenic CO2 to decarbonise, such as such as industry and land transport. In addition, the agency stressed the need to prioritise electricity and CO2 resources on a national scale, e.g. as part of the future French strategy for energy and to implement short-term policies to moderate growth of international traffic and to encourage the transition to other mode of transport for short distances.

In addition, ADEME specified that its report has several limitations and requires future in-depth studies on Several points: first of all on the location on French territory of e-fuel production units, to be considered in depending on the proximity of a biogenic CO2 source and the availability of the power grid for the connection of the electrolysers. In addition, according to the agency, it should be carried out a comprehensive environmental assessment of fuels synthetics throughout their entire life cycle, in particular of the overall climate impact of these fuels and the their use. Future evaluations will need to take greater account of the economic aspects, in particular for the compare the competitiveness of production in France and abroad in order to assess the possibility of imports. Finally, ADEME pointed out that the difficulty of to mobilise biogenic CO2 may require the use of direct capture of CO2 in the air (Direct Air Capture), a technology that is not yet mature, whose impacts, such as consumption, thermal and electrical energy, should be mitigated and should therefore be taken into account.
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In June, Zeno D' Agostino will leave the presidency of the Port System Authority of the East Adriatic Sea
In June, Zeno D' Agostino will leave the presidency of the Port System Authority of the East Adriatic Sea
The resignation is due to personal and family reasons
Last year the traffic in goods in the port of Ancona decreased by -10.3%
The Cruserists (+ 19.3%) are growing in the ports of the Central Adriatic. On a slight decline (-1.6%) the passengers of the ferries
Still a quarter of a downturn in financial performance for Kuehne + Nagel
Still a quarter of a downturn in financial performance for Kuehne + Nagel
Agreement to acquire the City Zone Group of Companies
Grimaldi boosts the capacity of the ro-pax service between the ports of Brindisi and Igoumenitsa
Entry of "Europlaink", ship which can carry 930 passengers and 3,900 linear metres of rolling stock
Funds for one billion from the EU for alternative fuel infrastructure projects
Resources for proposals related to air, sea, river and road transport
CMA CGM announces the restoration of transits of its ships in the South Red Sea
CMA CGM completes acquisition of Bolloré Logistics
Transaction of the value of 4.85 billion
Jumbo Shipping and SAL Heavy Lift extend their collaboration to American Intermarine
Houston / Swondering / Hamburg
The joint venture JSI Alliance will have a fleet of 50 vessels
The German frigate Hessen downed two drones in the Red Sea
The ship is employed as part of the Aspides mission
Drop in annual freight traffic in the ports of La Spezia and Carrara
The Spezia
Agreement to promote digital integration between the Port Community System of the two scans and technology systems of FS Logistics companies
Port of Ancona, awarded the integrated procurement for the electrification of quays
Executive design and work for 4.3 million euros
In 2023 the cruise group Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings posted record revenues.
In 2023 the cruise group Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings posted record revenues.
Over 2.7 million (+ 63.3%) passengers housed on board ships
In 2023 the traffic of goods in the port of Hamburg decreased by -4.7%
In 2023 the traffic of goods in the port of Hamburg decreased by -4.7%
In the only fourth quarter of the year, the decline was -1% percent.
Partners of OCEAN Alliance renew their agreement by extending it to March 31, 2032
Partners of OCEAN Alliance renew their agreement by extending it to March 31, 2032
Hong Kong / Marseille / Taipei
They operate a fleet of container carriers of the capacity of 8.4 million teu
The AdSP of the Adriatic Northern Centre will carry out the dam for regasification off Ravenna
It will be about 900 meters long
Ok of the Higher Council of Public Works to the Technical Adaptation of the PRP in Augusta
Di Sarcina : the operation will allow for a markedly better management of the port's operational areas.
The Venice AdSP confirms that the granting of VTP will expire on May 31, 2026
The Port Authority rejects the latest proposal for a Financial Economic Plan presented by the company as it "is not admissible or driver to the rebalancing of the concession"
Ban on electrification of the first batch of the Levant quay of the Port of Gioia Tauro
Joy Tauro
The bidding amount is more than 14.5 million euros.
CMA CGM is back in loss after 15 consecutive quarters of earnings
CMA CGM is back in loss after 15 consecutive quarters of earnings
In the fourth quarter of last year, revenues fell by -37.4%
Promulgated in the USA the new law on the invoicing of counterstallia costs
Most of the provisions will enter into force on May 26
Brussels investigation of the aid for the territorial continuity granted to Corsica Line and La Méridionale
First green light of the European Parliament to the reform of the EU Customs Code
Appreciation of ECSA, ECASBA, ESC, ESPO, FEPORT and WSC, reminding the issues still to be addressed
The Marine & Offshore division of Bureau Veritas stores 2023 with record performance
In the business segment, revenues amounted to 455.7 million euros (+ 8.9%)
Federagents, Spanish ports, as opposed to Italian ones, manage to benefit from the Red Sea crisis
Impletosi-complaint Santi-our connectivity and logistic performance indexes
Customs freight forwarders are questioning the risks and opportunities introduced by the EU Regulation on the import of goods produced with high greenhouse gas emissions
Acquisition of Yusen Logistics in logistics at the service of the UK e-commerce market
Buy the holding company Neol Topco
Provisional Agreement of the Parliament and of the EU Council to amend the directives on the requirements of the flag State and on the activities of PSC
ALIS initiates an agreement with Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena
Rome / Siena
The aim is to meet the financial and advisory needs of associated companies
Italian logistics group Codognotto opens a venue in Dubai
It will become the company's central hub for the Middle East
In the second half of 2023, the traffic of goods in Tuscan ports decreased by -1.2%
In Livorno the loads were down by -6.7% percent. Increases of 32.6% in Piombino and 4.5% at Elba Island
French Walden Group realizes two acquisitions in Italy
The pharmaceuticals logistics company has bought XCM Healthcare and UnitEX
Visual Sailing List
Departure ports
Arrival ports by:
- alphabetical order
- country
- geographical areas
In the second quarter of 2023, freight traffic in EU ports fell by -5.9%
In growth only the rotables. The landings decreased overall by -6.2% percent and embarks on -5.4% percent.
Signed the concession contract for the settlement of Baker Hughes in Corigliano Calabro
Joy Tauro
The American company is exhibits in Italy with eight sites specializing in the production of turbomacines for the industry and energy market.
In 2023 the net profit of MPC Container Ships dropped by -25.3%
In the fourth quarter, revenues fell by -5.7% percent.
Dubbed the fifth full container ship of the Messina Genovese fleet
Built in 2010, the "Jolly Clivia" has a capacity of 4,400 teu
In 2023 the revenues of Regional Container Lines decreased by -49.0%
Stable volumes of goods transported by the fleet of container carriers
SILT (Finsea Group) has inaugurated operating venues to Go Ligure and Trieste
The transport company owns a fleet of more than 50 means of ownership
Beijing : of all unfounded accusations that Chinese cranes pose risks to security
Beijing / Washington
AAPA applauds Washington's decision to develop the national production capacity of port equipment
Notice to collect expressions of interest for the areas of the pole of nautical shipbuilding in Cagliari
The title will not be able to exceed 40 years.
European Commission authorizes CMA CGM to acquire Bolloré Logistics
Sets up the sale of all the assets of the logistics company in Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint-Martin and French Guiana
Sharp decline in intermodal transport handled by Kombiverkehr
Sharp decline in intermodal transport handled by Kombiverkehr
Frankfurt am Main
The German firm is concerned that the current difficult market situation will persist for a long time. Concern also for the outcome of European policies for combined transport
Today in Rome, the 30-year-old celebratory convention of the law 84/94
Established the Port Authorities and the General Command of the Capitaneries of Puerto-Guard Coastal
Comparison between the Suez Canal Authority and the heads of the Genovese company Messina
Rabie : appreciation for the growing number of Italian carrier ships passing through the canal
In 2023 the traffic in goods in the ports of Montenegro dropped by -17.7%
In mild growth (+ 1.2%) the loads to and from Italy
Italian Ports:
Ancona Genoa Ravenna
Augusta Gioia Tauro Salerno
Bari La Spezia Savona
Brindisi Leghorn Taranto
Cagliari Naples Trapani
Carrara Palermo Trieste
Civitavecchia Piombino Venice
Italian Interports: list World Ports: map
ShipownersShipbuilding and Shiprepairing Yards
ForwardersShip Suppliers
Shipping AgentsTruckers
On 26 and March 27 in Milan, the 8th edition of "Shipping, Forwarding & Logistics meet Industry" will be held in Milan.
Theme of the event "The future possible of productive and logistical Italy"
On Friday, a conference on the relaunch of the Tuscan Simplified Logistics Zone was held in Livorno.
It is organized by the Port Authority of the Tyrrhenian Sea North
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Le transport maritime national navigue à vue
(Aujourd'hui Le Maroc)
“Israel is facing silent sanctions”
(Globes - Israel's Business Arena)
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FORUM of Shipping
and Logistics
Relazione del presidente Mario Mattioli
Roma, 27 ottobre 2023
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The interports, with the privatization of managers and areas, at the center of the House discussion
Frijia (Fdi) : With this law we surpass a discipline that goes back more than 30 years. Ghio (Pd) : new sales of our heritage and fundamental structures for the country
On Friday, a conference on the relaunch of the Tuscan Simplified Logistics Zone was held in Livorno.
It is organized by the Port Authority of the Tyrrhenian Sea North
On 26 and March 27 in Milan, the 8th edition of "Shipping, Forwarding & Logistics meet Industry" will be held in Milan.
Intermodal traffic at the Interport in Bologna in 2023
Transitioned 1.7 million trucks (-10.6%) and 3,391 trains (-33.2%)
In 2023 the value of Russian exports of non-energy goods decreased by -23%
Overall, exports were down -28.3% percent, while imports grew by 11.7% percent.
Port of Gioia Tauro, altering controls to favour ' Ndrangheta in drug traffics
Reggio Calabria
GNV strengthens the functionalities of its own fleet assistance center
Implemented the Mass Notification Suite solution of Everbridge
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