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June 14, 2013

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The Antitrust commina endorsements for beyond 8 million euros to Moby, SNAV, GNV and Marinvest

In the course of the preliminary investigation a "parallelism in the increase of the prices" is found that, second the AGCM, "is not moreover justifiable in other way if not with the concertazione"

The Guarantor Authority of the Competition and Market (AGCM) has comminato total endorsements for 8,11 million euros to societies Moby, SNAV, Large Navi Veloci (GNV) and Marinvest in order to have place in being an understanding finalized to the increase of the fleeting prices for services of marine transport in summery season 2011 (from the beginning of september 2010 until at least at the end of the month of september of 2011) on the routes Civitavecchia-Olbia, Genoa-Olbia and Torres Genoa-Port.

Moby is fined for 5,46 million euros, GNV for 2,37 million euros, SNAV for 232 thousand euros and Marinvest 43 thousand. The Antitrust has specified that the entity of the fines holds account of the situation of losses budgetary in which they pour the four societies.

The Authority Antitrust has explained that, to the term of under way preliminary investigation in May 2011 ( on 17 May 2011), "a parallelism of conducts is assessed, in summery season 2011, by Moby, GNV and SNAV, than - it has specified the AGCM - they have all junior clerk you increase meaningful of the prices, generally advanced to 65% while in the years precedence the societies had followed strategies oriented to the competition. In particular in the summery season the 2011 prices are increased medium of 42% on the Civitavecchia-Olbia routes (passing in average from 35 to 49 euros) and Genoa-Olbia (passing from 57 to 81 euros), of 50% on the Torres Genoa-Port (passing from 65 to 98 euros)".

"The understanding, which lasted from the beginning of september 2010, until at least at the end of the month of september of 2011 (for SNAV until May 2011), given of closing of the summery season - it has continued the Antitrust - is put into effect by enterprises that altogether stop market shares many elevating on the routes interested from the preliminary investigation". According to the AGCM, "parallelism in the increase of the prices, found in the course of the preliminary investigation, is not moreover justifiable in other way if not with the concertazione: neither the transparency of the rates, that it characterizes the field structurally, neither the beloved fuel, that it could have involved an increase of the prices but in inferior measure, neither the losses budgetary of the operators justifies an increase of the prices simultaneous and so meaningful".

The Antitrust has emphasized moreover that "the understanding is anticipated as particularly consisting in consideration of the important total market share stopped from the parts in all the interested routes. In particular, in the summery season 2011 GNV and Moby have realized altogether oscillating market shares between the 35-40% of the Civitavecchia-Olbia route quite the 85-90% of the Genoa-Olbia route".

Satisfaction for the deliberation of the Antitrust is expressed by the president of the Sardinia Region, Ugo Cappellacci: "the greed of the shipowners is punished - it has declared - that have strangled our island. The antitrust has put down in writing what all have been able to verify with own eyes and that only the shipowners, together with their political Flankers, have denied until the last one".

"In 2011 - it has added Cappellacci - we have already denounced quickly an anomaly that has leso the right to mobility of the Sardinians and seriously damaged the economy of our island. After decades of soprusi, the Sardinia does not intend more to accept the impositions than who would want to reduce the benevolent rights to and eventual concessions, subject to the will and the whim of the feudatari of the sea".

"Now - it has concluded the president of the Sardinian regional agency - our battle continues: the Sardinia intends to carry out a role from protagonist in deciding politics of the marine connections. For this, as expected already from 2007, we claim the effective transfer to the Region of the functions and the resources on the marine continuity".

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