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30 October 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 08:53 GMT+1

August 1, 2019

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Musolino (port of Venice) invites the colleagues of the other European ports of call to discuss about the relationship between the cruises and the ports of the historical cities

Between the possibilities, the demand to construct to ships of "Europe class" with compatible characteristics and dimensions with structures and atmospheres of the European ports

The president of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale, Pino Musolino, has sent a letter to the colleagues of the European harbour authorities inviting them to Venice in order to discuss about the economic and environmental impact of the crocieristica industry and in order to define of the lines guide that allow to adopt a new sustainable approach to marine tourism. Musolino has announced that positive answers already have reached from the ports of Palm of Majorca, Marseilles and Barcelona and others are attended in the next few days. Shortly a date for a seminary will come fixed on these topics to accommodate itself in Lagoon.

"To have the responsibility of ports as ours - the president of the AdSP of the Northern Adriatic in the letter has written - during the last few years have become a task that demands the ability to find an just balance between the economic development and the conservation of a sustainable relationship with our territories. The field of the cruises has been and is still a great source of yield and a generator of places of work and innovations in our ports and our cities. However, the increasing dimensions of the ships, their environmental impact on the surrounding areas the ports and the "weight" that the increasing number of tourists is representing in the cities that accommodate our ports are creating a conflict situation that seems to be able to become ingestibile in the very near future. I, more than others, am very aware of the necessity, vital and without compromises, to bind together the increase of the field and the benefits for the connected economy to it with a fragile atmosphere. The recent situations happen to Venice have demonstrated that the concrete risk to create a real damage and irrecoverable is always anticipates and not completely avoidable. It is therefore with this in mind that I address to you letter hereby: it is time to reunite the main European leaders of the crocieristici ports in order to discuss, openly and frankly, of the possibilities on hand for the terrestrial part of the field, to the aim to ask and to put into effect measures that can still guarantee the presence of a flourishing market of the cruises that, meanwhile, would have to be more compatible with the nature and the characteristics of our ports, all enclosed within historical cities and fragile atmospheres".

Musolino has anticipated to the colleagues presidents of the European ports that to Venice will be "a study moment and analysis in which, on one side, we will be able to share our experiences and the good practical and, from the other, to draft a directory shared of demands to the aim to influence and "to guide" the future crocieristico market of the ports situated in the historical cities of Europe. The industrial model that has so served well our ports in last the two decades - has found Musolino - he is not more sustainable and very soon we will be able all to run the risk to see our ports and limited activities or quite stopped from the local or national authorities. It is time for us to find a voice common, of having a solid platform of proposals that bind together the economic sustainability and activities in relation to the management of the crocieristiche activities in our ports, included the possibility to demand, among other things, in mean-along term the construction of ships with compatible characteristics and dimensions with our structures and atmospheres, a class "Europe" of ships. We are available in order to accommodate and to organize this encounter to Venice in the next few months - it has concluded the president of the AdSP - but we could decide together where this encounter would have to happen. The thing more important is to act and to act quickly".

While the AdSP has announced that in the first semester of the 2019 total traffic of the goods in the port of Venice it has recorded a bending of the -7,2%, with a decrease of the -5,8% in the first trimester to which a contraction of the -8,5% in the next quarterly period is continuation. The agency has specified that the industrial traffic anticipates the results gets worse in June with a -13,7% from January regarding the same period of the year precedence, since 2018 - june 2019 is arranged to annual level (July) passing in positive field (+5.5%). Moreover in the period of 12 months a decrease of the -3,2% and the -10,5% respective for the liquid and solid bulk is recorded, while they have grown of +1.1% the goods in necks and of 2.5% the container that have reached quota 626,640 teu. This last data - it has specified the authority - is still more positive if the single full containers are considered that are increased of +2.5% on the semester and +3.5% on a yearly basis.

Totally in the period that in June goes from July 2018 the 2019 harbour ports of call of Venice and Chioggia, both administered from the AdSP, have enlivened 26.712.450 tons of goods, with a decrease of the -3,3% regarding the period anniversary precedence. The data - it has specified the agency - in recent months represents a weighted average between the result negative achieved from the Venetian port of call that drags down of the -3,7% consuntivo anniversary and that positive one of the port of Chioggia that recovers +5.5% of the traffics regarding the year precedence.

"The decrease traffics of the Venetian port - Musolino has commented - reflects the bending of the Italian industrial production, confirmed also from Centro Studi Confindustria, and the weakness of the photographed international commerce from recent data of the WTO. The traffics of goods that journey from and for Venice, serving particularly the Italian manifacturing industry, suffer of the reduction of the orders that is reflected also in a fort decrease of the imports destined irons worker to steel mills (- 16% in a year) and of the goods of energetic type between which coal and derivative oils (- 7%). It continues to produce to an impact negative on statistics - it has found moreover Musolino - also the persistent stall on the front of the escavi and the ordinary maintenances, that it sees the ready Authority to take part in order to improve nautical accessibility with beyond 27 million euros already allocated for works and escavi but blocked from the absence of a protocol mud dawned and from the lack of alternatives to the current sites of bestowal of sediments. One is feared at last, than the persistent uncertainty tied to the emergenziale management also of the crocieristici flows, that they could be partially diverted on the terminals goods, it can contribute to increase the nervousness on the markets and between the operators, going to weight down the next quarterly results of traffic".

Relatively to the traffic of the passengers, in the period July 2018 - june the 2019 traffic of the ferries has marked an increase of +3.9% and a rise of +4.2% that of the crocieristi that have reached quota 1.589.970, of which 1.351.654 as home port - therefore, has remembered the agency, counted two times to the arrival and the departure - and 238,316 in transit, therefore counted a single time.

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