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December 18, 2019

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The industry of the shipping promotes the institution of a bottom in order to accelerate the decarbonizzazione of the marine transport

It would be financed by the companies of navigation with an obligatory contribution of two dollars for ton of acquired fuel

It is not exactly the type underlying whose institution is sped up in recent days to the European shipowners from the organization non-profit Transport & Environment so that the shipping it pays for own emissions of co2 and not even similar to the International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds (IOPC), the bottom created from various nations with the scope to recognize financial indemnifications for the damages determined from sversamenti in caused sea of producing oil by the ships whose history goes back to the pollution provoked in 1967 from the Torrey Canyon oil tanker rented from British Petroleum in order to transport crude oil from the Kuwait to Milford Haven that stranded on the coral reef Seven Stones Reef between the Islands Scilly and Land's End pouring in sea 30 thousand ton of crude oil.

The introduced project underlying today from the main world-wide shipowning organizations is different from these as it will have the objective to support the search turns to eliminate the produced carbon dioxide emissions from international the marine transport. But the main peculiarity of the initiative is that it is promoted by the same industry of the shipping. The shipowning associations that have defined the proposal, in fact, represent beyond 90% of world-wide the mercantile fleet. Draft of: Bimco, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), Intercargo, Interferry, International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), Intertanko, International Parcel Tankers Association (IPTA) and World Shipping Council (WSC).

The bottom proposed from these organizations previews a financing of base of about five billions of dollars in a decade. The project includes moreover the creation of the International Maritime Research and Development Board (IMRB), a not governmental organization of research & development dedicated to the decarbonizzazione of the shipping and supervisionata from the Member States Maritime of the International Organization (IMO), and the intention to accelerate the development of commercially sustainable ships to zero emissions of co2.

The promoters of the project, that he will be introduced to next the reunion of Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) of the IMO in program from on 30 March on 3 April next to London, have specified that the proposal elaborated at the level of field is necessary in order to guarantee the attainment of the ambitiouses independently objectives of reduction of the agreed emissions of co2 in 2018 from the Member States of the IMO that include a cut at least 50% of the gas total emissions greenhouse of the shipping within 2050, from the increase of the marine traffics, in order to arrive little after to the full decarbonizzazione (informing on April 13, 2018).

"Also making reference to prudential esteem on the increase of the commercial exchanges - it has observed the general secretary of the International Chamber of Shipping, Simon Bennett - a total reduction of 50% of the co2 within 2050 it can be reached single improving of 90% about the efficiency in terms of carbon emissions of the world-wide fleet. This will be possible only if great part of the fleet will use fuel to zero carbon emissions that are commercially sustainable. Practically, if the objective of 50% is reached, with a consisting part of the fleet that will use fuels to zero carbon emissions within 2050, the entire world-wide fleet would little use these fuel also after, so returning the decarbonizzazione to 100% possible, that it is the objective of our field".

New bottom IMRB would be financed by the world-wide companies of navigation through an obligatory contribution of two dollars for each ton of acquired and destined naval fuel to being employed from the companies of navigation of all the world, contribution that - second the calculations of the eight organizations based on a consumption total of fuel by the world-wide fleet pairs to about 250 million tons per year - will exactly generate a collection pairs to about five billions of dollars in ten years.

Bimco, CLIA, Intercargo, Interferry, ICS, Intertanko, IPTA and WSC have specified that if the program of research & development and its financing is promoted by the main shipowning associations, it is however welcome the participation of others you leave interested.

"The coalition of trade associations that supports this proposal - has emphasized the president of the ICS, Esben Poulsson - it is demonstrating a true leadership. The industry of the shipping must reduce own emissions of co2 in order to answer to the ambitious challenge that the International Maritime Organization has fixed. The innovation is therefore essential if we want to develop technologies that they give the go-ahead to the fourth revolution of the marine propulsion. This proposal - it has found Poulsson - is simple, responsible and realizable and confides that the governments will support this brave initiative".

Also in Italy it is looked at to this project as to a step a lot important towards the total decarbonizzazione of the shipping. Speaking on behalf of the Italian shipowners the Shipping president of the Italian Confederation (Confitarma), Mario Mattioli, it has remembered that "our fleet is in first row in the distance that stretches to the decarbonizzazione of all the industrial activities and has already made huge investments for innovative technologies and less harmful fuel employment for the atmosphere. Pack-saddles to cite the feeding to battery (therefore zero emissions) during the pauses of the ship in port, I use it of the LNG (natural gas which liquified) as alternative fuel and the installation of scrubber. Not draft - it has clarified Mattioli - of mere projects: the Italian shipowners during the last few years have demonstrated their engagement in order to reduce the emissions of their ships. We wish that in the course of the time this bottom can have a equipment important and comparable to the investments of the automotive in the search for alternative fuel. However - it has added - in Italy we boast first floor excellence and I am proud to number between the row of Confitarma the shipowning groups Charon & Tourist, Costa Crociere and Grimaldi of Naples".

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