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In order to tackle to the Assiterminal emergency it asks the zero setting for the state property canons
The crisis - the association emphasizes - hits is the field of the passengers who that of the goods
March 30, 2020

The Italian Association Terminalisti Harbour (Assiterminal) has sent to the government and to the members of the Commission Transports of Chamber and Senate a letter, that we below publish, in which evidences the traumatic situation newly in which they pour not only the passenger terminals of the Italian ports, that they are arrest warrants as a result of the block of the crocieristici traffics and the fleeting connections through the freeways of the sea, but also of the terminals and the harbour enterprises that operate in the field of the goods. These last ones - specific the association - are enduring a contraction of the -40% of the traffics with which had operating stresses to the slow down of the internal transports and to the congestionamento of the areas of storage for the block of the production.

Which measure of support to the field hit from the effects of the assumed measures in order to face the emergency of the Covid-19 virus, in the Assiterminal letter asks the government a disapplicazione total or a reduction for the which had state property canons for year 2020 from the Marine Stations and that the applicabilità to all the subjects of the terminalistico field extends some.

Object: Epidemiologica emergency from COVID-19 - demanded participation of zero setting of the state property canons for terminalisti

Gent.mi all,

continuation how much represented in precedence communications from our Association, we write on behalf anticipates in name and of all the Italian Marine Stations (between which Venice, Genoa, Civitavecchia, Naples, Cagliari, Catania, Trieste, Ravenna, Livorno, Messina, solo in order to cite the main ones) to the aim to demand a modification and integration to art. the 92 of the D.L. 18/2020 relatively to previewed the partial suspension of the marine state property canons.

And in fact, as famous the current epidemiologica emergency from COVID-19 and the measures of contingentamento adopted in order to contrast the spread of the virus, are determining the total zero setting of the tourist field and in particular of the crocieristico traffic in Italy and the world.

Also not being possible at the moment to determine the duration of such situation, one considers, verosimilmente, that the particularitity of the crocieristico traffic and the accadimenti of the last days legacies in the specific one to the fleeting ships, will not allow a resumption of the field before 2021.

He is, therefore, obvious that such circumstance is involving and will involve a total almost absence than entered the 2020 for all truth that, in various way, takes part of the crocieristica row, beginning from carriers and terminalisti until all their suppliers, there comprised Fincantieri S.p.A., than, as famous, it sees such subjects between the own greater customers, circumstance never happened before in the history of the crocieristica industry.

And this becomes still more impattante if it is considered that the societies that manage the Italian marine stations - often participated by the greater world-wide groups of the field (MSC, Royal Carribean Cruise Line, Carnival…) that they turn out, therefore, doubly damaged - however they are held to the deposit of elevated state property canons to the respective Authorities of Harbour System, most times not connected, in their determination, to the entity of the traffic effectively enlivened.

In such context the disposition over cited (art. 92), introduced with the D.L. 18/2020, appear completely insufficient to protecting the enterprises for which today it is written and inidonea to protecting the rights of the same ones and employee theirs. It is worth it to remember, in purpose also that, second last study CLIA (world-wide union of the crocieristici operators) of 2018, the occupied ones in the field in Italy is about 119.000 between direct and indirect, that they represent about 30% of the total number of occupied in the entire Europe (about 400.000).

The norm, in fact, if on one side articles are applicable only to the former concessionaires. 16, 17 and 18 of L. 84/94, excluding the other concessorie types of the field (which, for example, the concessions of service of former general interest art. 6 of same L. 84/94 and former concessionaires art. 36 cod. nav.), from the other side it on July 31, 2020 previews a mere suspension of the terms of payment of the canon until, maintaining however to it obligation of the integral corresponsione of the same canon within on December 31, 2020 alive.

Orbene, is unquestionable the fact that the situation of epidemiologica emergency in existence, that it is affecting in radical and infallible measure the field of the croceristica industry and the instrumental activities, shapes unforeseeable event of act of God, officially and inequivocabilmente assessed from the Italian Government and the Italian and international Sanitary Authorities, and that the cogenti provisions adopted from the Italian Government in order to contrast such event rightfully re-enter in c.d the obstructive factum principis of behaviors and important actions in the within of the contractual relationships inside of the field.

A lot is obvious that in the same D.L. 18/2020, the Government has express previewed (art. 91) that the contingentamento measures in existence are from estimating themselves automatically and ex lege to the aims of the exoneration of the contractual responsibility, with this allowing the lacked implementation the obligations assumed from the parts.

He is obvious, therefore, than, to the state, sussistono objective the conditions in order to suspend all the contractual implementations in being until the emergency situation lasts.

But there is more. If specific of lease or concession of assets, the objective impossibility of I use of the assets for fine own for which they are rented or grant determines a clear situation of which supervened excessive onerosità of the corresponded canon, raising the right for the damaged subject to obtain a re-balance of the obligatory relationship, according to art. the 1464 and 1467 c.c.

This said online general, appears obvious that the same considerations must be made also with specific reference to the obligations deriving from state property concessions as those in word, than for they nature previews the payment of a canon against a right to exercise a determined activity on the granted good.

It is clear, therefore, than an unexpected impossibility of I use of the same good, also only temporary, that he is imputable to external causes, it imposes not as well as the suspension of the canon, how much a its abolition or meaningful reduction for a correspondent period, own in application of the sopracitati general principles by right common (art. 1218 c.c. - impossibility which supervened for not imputable cause to the defaulting subject and articles. 1464 and 1467 c.c. - partial impossibility and resolution for excessive onerosità), let alone online with how much in matter arranged from art. the 45 of the cod. nav., than, in its by now recognized extensive interpretation, it recognizes the right for the concessionaire to obtain an adequate reduction of the canon in case of modifications - also functional - of the granted good that I determine some a restriction in I use it.

And in truth, the concession of the government property to the private one shapes, as it is famous, a form of particular use that it is come to an agreement so that - assigning it to a productive activity of yield by means of adapted investments - at the same time the economic operator assures a use in compliance with the general interests, than only the concurrent speculative purpose can guarantee. Draft, therefore, of a legal relationship in whose structure constituent re-enters an advantage by the private one. Therefore, when for reasons due because of act of God, to the relationship fails its usefullness member, guarantor of the sustainability of the destination - and it remains only the burden of the management of the areas - the riconduzione to fairness constitutes the exclusive instrument for the reconstruction of the conditions of economic sustainability of the concession. Since the object of anticipates demanded goes estimated to the stregua of the exercise of the legislative function, the criterion of riconduzione to fairness is the only correspondent to the reasonableness parameter, fundamental criterion, for pacific constitutional jurisprudence, which it is necessary to refer in order to judge of legitimacy of the law.

Last it is worth it to remember that the specific system normative (national and communitarian) in matter of concessions (eg. art.165 D.lgs 50/2016) previews express that, in case of disequilibrio of the sinallagma contractual, the concessionaire has right to obtain a its re-balance through one of the typical instruments of the relationship (decrease or zero setting of the canon, extension of the concession…) and this, not only in a privatistica optical, but above all according to the perseguimento of the public interest, whereby the estate of the activities in word constitutes guarantee of development, not only of the harbour within, but also and above all of the entire economic row that give that drift and that it involves in particular way the surrounding local truths.

He is obvious, in fact, than the indicated economic operators and the relative one induced constitutes a woven important economic-entrepreneurial of wide areas of the Country, than in indirect way they would come heavy damaged, if not cancelled, in absence of specific state participations in the indicated sense.

In purpose already acquired and our associates are commissioned appropriate opinions lawyers by many Marine Stations.

In consideration than over, which considered than already represented from Assiterminal for as for the entire category of the Operator Terminals, we are therefore to demand that it is estimated a modification and integration of the disposition of which to art. the 92 of the D.L. 18/2020, that it previews a disapplicazione total or a reduction of the which had state property canons for year 2020 from the Italian Marine Stations and that of it extends the applicabilità to all the subjects of the field to prescind from the concessoria form that allows the exercise of marine station. Please find enclosed proposed of amendment to art. the 92 of the D.L. 18/2020. , in such elaborated optical.

It is on hand remained for every clarification and necessity

With observance

Luca Becce
The President

Galliano Di Marco
The President of
Commission Cruises
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Fincantieri has delivered the new cruise ship Queen Anne to Cunard
Concordate with Princess Cruises the postponement of the delivery of the Star Princess
International shipping associations call for help at U.N. to protect shipping
Solicited a greater military presence, missions and patrols. The world-they write in a letter to Guterres-would be outraged if four airliners were seized.
In February, shipping traffic in the Suez Canal declined by -42.8% percent.
In February, shipping traffic in the Suez Canal declined by -42.8% percent.
The Cairo
Net tonnage of the naviglio down -59.8% percent. Drastic reduction of -53% of the value of transit fees
The World Shipping Council points to the EU the way to support the economy and trade
In Norway, the construction of the world's two largest hydrogen-powered ferries
In Norway, the construction of the world's two largest hydrogen-powered ferries
Brønnøysund / Gursken
Order of Torghatten company at the shipyard Myklebust
The freight traffic in the port of Rotterdam in the first quarter was down by -1.4% percent.  Increase of containers
The freight traffic in the port of Rotterdam in the first quarter was down by -1.4% percent. Increase of containers
Strong increase (+ 29.0%) of feeder ships departing from the Dutch stopover to the Mediterranean ports
In the first three months of 2024, freight traffic in Russian ports fell by -3.3% percent.
St. Petersburg
Drastic reduction of passenger traffic in the Crimean port scans
In the first three months of 2024, freight traffic in Russian ports fell by -3.3% percent.
Tytgat (SEA Europe) : A European maritime industrial strategy is urgently needed
Round table with representatives of the institutions of the European Union
Joe Kramek will be the next president and CEO of the World Shipping Council
Joe Kramek will be the next president and CEO of the World Shipping Council
Washington / Brussels/London / Singapore
He will retire at the end of July in Butler when the latter is retiring.
In the first quarter of this year the traffic of goods in the port of Antwerp-Zeebrugge grew by 2.4%
In the first quarter of this year the traffic of goods in the port of Antwerp-Zeebrugge grew by 2.4%
On the increase the containers. Decrease in other loads. Belgian, Dutch and German ports urge European governments to ensure that industries remain in Europe
Partnership of HD Hyundai Heavy Industries and Anduril Industries in the Field of Maritime Defense
Orange County / Seoul
Envisage the design, development and production of new types of autonomous naval systems
d' Friend International Shipping orders two new tankers LR1
Commits to China's shipyard Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding Co.
Global Infrastructure Partners waives to acquire 49% percent of Malaysian MMC Port Holdings
New York
CMA CGM Air Cargo announces its first transpacific line
Three aircraft will be taken over between summer and early next year.
In 2023 new annual historical record of maritime traffic in the Stories of Malacca and Singapore
In 2023 new annual historical record of maritime traffic in the Stories of Malacca and Singapore
Port Klang
The previous maximum peak had been reached in 2018
HMM announces the nearly doubling of fleet capacity by 2030
Expected 63% increments of the volumes transportable from container carriers and 95% in the bulk carrier sector
In the first quarter of 2024, the Port of Singapore handled ten million containers (+ 10.7%)
In the first quarter of 2024, the Port of Singapore handled ten million containers (+ 10.7%)
The overall traffic in goods increased by 7.6%
Iran has given way to the attack on Israel with the seizure of the container ship. MSC Aries
London / Manila
Le Aziende informano
ABB fornirà la sua soluzione per il Cold - Ironing nel Porto Internazionale di Portsmouth
The construction of the new Venetian container terminal in Porto Marghera is being carried out.
The construction of the new Venetian container terminal in Porto Marghera is being carried out.
It will be able to accommodate Panamax vessels and will have an annual traffic capacity of one million teu
The French Senate has approved a bill to limit the right to strike in transport
The French Senate has approved a bill to limit the right to strike in transport
Last year container traffic in Malta decreased by -11.4%
Last year container traffic in Malta decreased by -11.4%
The Valletta
Crucierists in growth of 59.1%
Approved by the Transport Commission of the Spanish Congress a proposal to improve the competitiveness of the REC Ship Register
Applause from ANAVE. The number of national flag merchant ships has fallen to the all-time low
Pirate attacks on ships have been growing.
Pirate attacks on ships have been growing.
Recrudescence of Somali piracy
Assshipowners, well the decree that delegates security checks to recognized bodies
Messina : a concrete step forward in the optics of an ever greater competitiveness of the Italian flag
Le Aziende informano
Protocollo d'intesa tra l'Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mare di Sicilia Occidentale e l'Escola Europea di Intermodal Transport
Maritime traffic in the Panama Canal is expected to gradually normalize from here to 2025
The start of the rainy season, expected at the end of the month, is expected to lift the number of ships transits from 27 to 36.
Last year on world cruise ships the record number of 31.7 million passengers (+ 55.4%) was embarked on.
Last year on world cruise ships the record number of 31.7 million passengers (+ 55.4%) was embarked on.
Past the historic peak of the pre-pandemic year of 2019
Updating the rules governing the berth service
Ok the government to decree establishing public company to manage state-owned toll roads
Agreement between Mercitalia Logistics and Logtainer for the development of intermodal services that integrate transport on iron, rubber and sea
DFDS buys the entire network of self-transport services between Turkey and the Europe of Ekol Logistics
Transaction of the value of 260 million euros
13.8 million crucierists are expected in Italian ports this year.
Cemar expects a new traffic record that will be broken as early as 2025 with 13.9 million passengers
Africa Morocco Link has changed ownership
Casablanca / Athens
51% percent of the capital went from Bank of Africa to CTM and 49% percent from Attica to Stena Line
NCL orders Fincantieri four new cruise ships with letter of intent for four more units
Four units from 77mila-86mila tsl and four from 200mila tsl will be delivered between 2026 and 2036
The Spezia and Carrara try to break down the bell towers and solicit cooperation at the ports of Genoa and Savona
The Spezia
Abstract : It is necessary to present itself in the market as a coordinated system
Switzerland and Switzerland cut trade between Italy and Switzerland.
In the first three months of the 2024 decline in Swiss exports. Stable imports
Port of Naples, striking of the fast ferry Island of Procida against a quay
About thirty minor injuries among passengers
Summoned for April 23 a meeting at MIT on former TCT port workers
The unions had requested clarification on the future of the 330 members of the Taranto Port Workers Agency.
The outer Levant dock of the Arbatax port has returned fully operational
In August 2020 he had been shouted by the ferry "Bithia"
The Port of Los Angeles closed the first quarter with a 29.6% percent growth in container traffic
Los Angeles
Expected a continuation of the positive trend
Stable the value of ABB's revenues in the first quarter
The new orders are down -5.0% percent. At the end of July Rosengren will leave the CEO position in Wierod
The crisis of the Cooperative Sole Workers of Porto Flavio Gioia officialized at institutions and trade unions
USB Mare and Porti, what's going on in the port of Salerno is the result of pressure from shipowners
Euronav sells its own ship management company to Anglo-Eastern
Antwerp / Hong Kong
Manages the fleet of tanker ships of the Antwerp company
Genoa Shipbuilding Industries has acquired a submersible barge of the cargo capacity of 14,000 tonnes
It can also be employed as a floating basin for the varo of artifacts up to 9,800 tons
Venice Cold Stores & Logistics obtains the qualification of tax warehouse for wines and sparkling
Extension of the services offered to companies in the wine sector
Gasparate urges to exempt property of interports from payment of the Imu
President of the Union Interports Reunited warned that with the PNRR construction sites the railway intermodality is at risk
Visual Sailing List
Departure ports
Arrival ports by:
- alphabetical order
- country
- geographical areas
Hapag-Lloyd plans future investments to expand business in the terminal and intermode sectors
Among the markets, the company focuses attention on Africa, India, Southeast Asia and the Pacific
Set up a consortium to decarbonize transport on the northern Pacific route
It is formed by nine companies and entities and is open to other partners
In the first quarter of this year, container traffic in the port of Long Beach increased by 16.4%
Long Beach
In March, the increase was 8.3% percent.
Delivery of the work of consolidation of the foranea dam of the port of Catania
Procurement of the value of 75 million euros
Plan to improve in Genoa and Savona the rail links with cruise terminals and airport
It was presented today in the Ligurian capital
From 10 to May 12 at Spezia will be held "DePortibus-The festival of ports that connect the world"
The Spezia
The programme provides for technical events and cultural proposals
Three new STS cranes have arrived in the Kenyan port of Lamu.
They will be able to work on container ships of the capacity of over 18mila teu
One hundred new IVECO trucks powered by HVO in the Smet fleet
They will be taken over in the course of this year
In the first three months of this year, goods transported by rail between China and Europe increased by 10% percent.
Operated 4,541 trains (+ 9%)
In the first quarter of 2024, container traffic in the port of Hong Kong fell by -2.3%
Hong Kong
In March, the decline was -10.6% percent.
The regasification terminal FSRU Toscana left Livorno direct to Genoa
In the Ligurian scalp and then in Marseille maintenance interventions will be carried out
Confirmed to Tugchiers Meeting Port of Genoa the granting of trailer services in the port of Genoa
Planned investment of 35 million euros to renovate fleet
In the first quarter of 2024, OOIL revenues decreased by -9.0%
Hong Kong
Containers carried by the OOCL fleet increased by 3.4%
Mattioli (Federation of the Sea) relaunches the propulsive role of maritime clusters
Today, the National Sea Day and the marinara culture are celebrated
In the first quarter of 2024, the revenues of Yang Ming and WHL grew by 18.5% and 8.1%
Keelung / Taipei
In March the increments were equal to 20.3% and 8.6%
In 2023 the freight traffic handled by the State Railways Group fell by -2.0%
The Logistics Pole posted a net loss of -80 million euros, up 63 million euros.
Port of Genoa, inaugurated new rooms of Stella Maris at Maritime stations
They are intended for the welfare and socialization of seafarers in transit in the Superba
Italian Ports:
Ancona Genoa Ravenna
Augusta Gioia Tauro Salerno
Bari La Spezia Savona
Brindisi Leghorn Taranto
Cagliari Naples Trapani
Carrara Palermo Trieste
Civitavecchia Piombino Venice
Italian Interports: list World Ports: map
ShipownersShipbuilding and Shiprepairing Yards
ForwardersShip Suppliers
Shipping AgentsTruckers
On April 11, the sixth edition of the "Italian Port Days" will begin.
Also this year the project has been divided into two sessions : the first in the spring and the second from September 20 to October 20
On April 16 in Nola, the national conference of the Union Interports Reunited
Event " Interports to the center. A strategic network for Italy "
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Iran says MSC Aries vessel seized for 'violating maritime laws'
Le transport maritime national navigue à vue
(Aujourd'hui Le Maroc)
››› Press Review File
FORUM of Shipping
and Logistics
Relazione del presidente Mario Mattioli
Roma, 27 ottobre 2023
››› File
Germany's Dachser has acquired the compatriate Brummer Logistik
The company specializes in the logistics of perishable products
In the first quarter of 2024, Evergreen's revenues increased by 32.6% percent.
In March, the increase was 36.5% percent.
Cooperation pact between the associations of the ports and ferry companies of Greece
The Piraeus
Among the activities, make sure that port benches are adequate for new naval technologies
In 2023 the traffic in goods at ports in Lazio fell by -5.7% percent. Record of cruises
Passenger of line services growing by 10.0%
RINA will collaborate on the sustainable development of ports and shipping of Indonesia
Contract with the World Bank
In Udine the Officine Rotable Maintenance of FVG Rail has been equipped with a lawn back in fossa
Interporto Padova's assembly to merge for incorporation of the Zip Consortium
Capital increase of more than 7.8 million split between Municipality, Province, and Chamber of Commerce
Turkish Arkas orders four container ships from 4,300 teu to Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard
On the way an investment of 240 million
Deutsche Bahn would have solicited a group of potential bidders to submit proposals to acquire DB Schenker
New York
The invitation addressed, among others, to DSV, Maersk and MSC
Interferry calls on governments to use carbon tax revenues to equip the harbour quays of cold ironing
Corrigan : 'imperative that the extensive installation of OPS facilities is undertaken with urgency'
Training courses for GNV crews to avoid collisions with cetaceans and sea turtles
Made together with the research body Foundation CIMA, they also promote the protection of biodiversity
DP World and Rumo will carry out a new grain and fertilizer terminal in the port of Santos
Curitiba / Dubai
Expected an investment of nearly 500 million
Singaporean ONE will restructure the feeder service between the Adriatic and Egypt
You will include scals in Trieste and Piraeus
Over 700mila crucierists approved in 2023 at Spezia spent a total of 71.2 million euros.
The Spezia
68.3% of this sum for the purchase of organized tours
New rail services of Rail Cargo Group between Austria, Germany and Italy
Increase in the frequency of departures on the Duisburg-Villach-Lubiana line
Five more ULCV banchina cranes for the Malaysian port of Tanjung Pelepas
Gelang Patah
They have been ordered to Chinese ZPMC
On April 11, the sixth edition of the "Italian Port Days" will begin.
Also this year the project has been divided into two sessions : the first in the spring and the second from September 20 to October 20
Autonomous driving systems ensure benefits to self-driving companies and drivers, ensure from China
Deshun Logistics tests the technologies of Inceptio Technology in commercial travel
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