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25 July 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 05:27 GMT+2

July 28, 2020

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I decree Simplifications, Assarmatori asks urgent aids for the field for the ferries and the cabotage

Assoporti emphasizes the necessity to modify the norm on the dredgings in the ports

The general secretary of Assarmatori, Alberto Rossi, in the course of a today's audition near the combined Commission constitutional Transactions and Public works of the Senate in sight of the argument of the decree-law Simplifications, has sped up urgent aids to the navigation companies that manage the ferries on the Freeways of the Sea and the routes for the greater islands and to those which they guarantee the connections short beam.

Rossi has remembered as the marine transport, that it is one of essential infrastructures for the Country, never has not stopped itself during the months of lockdown, guaranteeing the territorial continuity and the indispensable maintenance of the logistic chain to the refuelings for the population and the enterprises. This effort - it has emphasized - has cost to the companies of the field operating losses on a yearly basis until 70% of the turnover and up to now from the government some indemnification has not arrived. The only directed aid, moreover only for the enterprises of cabotage which joined the first Registry, and that own was inserted in I decree Simplifications - it has remembered - is jumped at the last moment. "For the true ripartenza of the Country - it has evidenced Rossi - it is necessary an aid to all the section of the marine transport short and long range in order to ask for the dissesto of the services and the occupational emergency".

Rossi has specified that the shipowners, moreover, wish "that the government authorizes in possible faster times the protocol cruises shared with the MIT, the Health ministry, the General Command and trade associations and approved of from the Technical Committee Scientifico. The cruises - it has found the general secretary of Assarmatori - already have left in Asia and Germany. Italy cannot remain behind".

Rossi has evidenced also that the entire marine cluster has defined with the General Command of the Harbour offices and with the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports a list of semplificative norms that today attend of being translate in law for giving impulse to the Italian flag recovering the lost competitiveness. Extremely urgent - he has asserted - it is also a joint action with other Countries in order to exceed the many and contradditorie national norms that prevent the spin of the crews, being determined the indefensible situation that he everywhere sees of the world which blocked tens of thousands of marine ones on the respective ships. The IMO, the Agency of the United Nations appointed to marine navigation - Rossi has remembered - from last May have emitted a circular that acts as picture of reference for protocols that can on board facilitate the spins of the crews of the ships. Various nations have already joined to this protocol and - it has concluded - the auspice of Assarmatori is that it Italy speeds up also.

Yesterday the combined Commission constitutional Transactions and Public works of the Senate have audito also the Association of the Italian Ports (Assoporti), that it has mentioned that an participation of simplification of the norm that currently regulated the dredgings in the ports is not rinviabile. President Ugo Patroni Griffi, delegated for Assoporti, has remembered in fact that the ports have a strong requirement of being dredged with frequency, in order to guarantee the access and the mooring of the ships. Without adapted backdrops it is not possible to attract new traffic, without manutentivi dredgings is not possible not even not to maintain the traffic existing.

Alle Commissioni reunited Patrons Griffi has illustrated and deposited an amendment proposal that has the purpose to simplify the procedure of dredging of the ports and the channels of access, on condition that the dug materials are maintained inside of the harbour basins, therefore without to provoke damage to the play hooky-coastal atmosphere.

Referring to the topic place in evidence yesterday from the association, the president of Assoporti, Daniele Rossi, have emphasized that "it is necessary to proceed to a normative simplification, in particular for whom concern the dredgings in the ports. Also to the aim to mitigate the effects deriving from the sanitary emergency - he has observed - it is necessary to return the more competitive ports within short. We expect that our proposals are received in center Parliamentarian and of conversion of the so-called decree-law Simplifications".

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