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16 September 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 12:02 GMT+2

March 9, 2021

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Potential funds of 750 million to finance projects for the ports of the Southern Adriatic

Patroni Griffi: they will be at the heart of the development process in the next 20 years

The Port System Authority of the Adriatic Sea Southern has announced that it has obtained overall admission to finance of funds allocated - in some cases with reserve - for a total sum of EUR 750 million - including the 200 million already allocated for the truck Bari and at least 50 under execution - to finance a park projects aimed at revolutionising the functional and organization of the five ports of Bari, Brindisi, Manfredonia, Barletta and Monopoli administered by the institution, in order to make them competitive and advanced and direct them into a market logic Oriented.

"We have worked hard," explained the President adsp, Ugo Patroni Griffi - to produce a program design able to transform the current vulnera of our infrastructure in strengths that become the fulcrum of the development process over the next 20 years. Now, together with everyone other stakeholders we need to navigate in one direction. The temporality is fundamental and can be In this case, it is important to remember that there is a discrimination in the Community programmes. There is no more time to waste time."

'Admission to finance such a large project park integrated - added the Secretary-General of the body, Tito Vespasiani - demonstrates the effectiveness and convenience of present five ports as a single hub."

The list of operations covered by the loans is as follows:

Port of Bari:
  • PAC_Programma of Action and Cohesion 2014-2020:
  • Work on the construction of COLD IRONING systems in the ports of Bari and Brindisi;
  • Parco del Castello Bari reconnection CASTELLO-PORTO;
  • DECREE 353 OF 13 August 2020: Connecting truck road A14 motorway and the port of Bari;
  • GENERAL COMMAND AGREEMENT CCP-ADSP MAM (DPCM OF 21/07/2017): San Cataldo_progettazione and infrastructure construction for Guardia Coastal and in front of the Marina;
  • PON_2014-2020_Reti and Infrastructure: Escavo Porto_Finanziamento PON;
  • INTERREG _realizzazione of the new Passenger Terminal for cruises and ferries on quay 10 of the port of Bari : Structure Welcoming travelers at quay no.10 of the dock of West;
  • 18 BIS L. 84/94: Docking tooth construction at the quay "Captaincy" in the pier inside pier S.Vito.
Port of Brindisi:
  • construction of a briccole pier with mooring upgrade Costa Morena RO/RO ships;
  • Completion of S. Apollinare accosti;
  • East Morena Coast - storage water tank;
  • PAC_Programma of Action and Cohesion 2014-2020: realization of COLD IRONING systems in the ports of Bari and Mr Brindisi; Toast Smart City-Port;
  • RECOVERY PLAN: Quays and completions area ex British-GAS now area "ZONA FRANCA CAPOBIANCO"; tub of filled costa Moraine and overall excavator of the port;
  • CIPE RESOLUTION N.63/2017: Reclamation and security of the ex POL area; maintenance and modernisation of port infrastructure navy naval station;
  • INTERREG VA GREECE ITALY 2014/2020 DOCK BI: Safety and energy efficiency of the light towers in the Costa area West Moraine; completion of the restructuring of the prospectus on the sea side of the former Maritime Station;
  • 18A L. 84/94: Completion of the restructuring of the prospectus on the sea side of the former Maritime Station.
In the ports of Manfredonia, Barletta and Monopoli:
  • INTERREG VA GREECE ITALY 2014/2020 THEMIS: Construction work light passenger reception facilities.
Port of Manfredonia:
  • RECOVERY PLAN: Refunctionalization of the High Seabed Basin
  • MANFREDONIA Regional co-financing fee for the activation of the P.O. EFF (European Fisheries Fund) 2007-2013
Port of Barletta:
  • Financial for 2020: Completion of Barletta piers and deepening of the seabed P.R.P. ;
  • Decree M.I.T. n. 353 of 13 August 2020: Extension of foranei piers Barletta and in-depth study of the seabed P.R.P. ;
  • POR PUGLIA: Dredging of the seabed together to sediment management

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