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01 August 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 02:26 GMT+2

March 22, 2021

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ZIM closes 2020 with performance exceptional financial institutions

In the last trimester the medium value of the hires is gone up of +49.3%

To little distance from the income of the society in the list of the Stock market of New York, happened last January, the company of containerized navigation Israeli ZIM has not indeed disappointed the expectations of own current and future shareholders introducing today turned out financial financial records for the exercise anniversary 2020, performance that relatively to the solo fourth trimester is not at all unsuitable to define stellar and that graces to an exceptional rise of +49.3% of the value of the hires as well as to the increment of +14.4% of the transported containerized volumes from the fleet of the company are obtained.

In the last trimester of the 2020 revenues of the ZIM they are increased of +64.5% regarding the same period of the year piled precedence being to 1,36 billion dollars, of which 1,21 billion (+71.0%) generated from the activities of containerized marine transport. If the revenues produced from the marine services containerized acts on the routes ocean-going liners have recorded an light increment of +3.4% having attested itself to 148,7 million dollars, the volume of transactions generated from the activity of the fleet employed in the other markets has marked instead much important increases. In particular, the revenues generated from the transpacifici services have totaled 667,4 million dollars (+93.8%), those generated from the services intra-asiati us 202,5 million dollars (+132.4%), the revenues produced from the Asia-Europe services 121,4 million dollars (+53.0%) and those generated from the services for the Latin America 72,7 million dollars (+33.2%).

In the fourth trimester last year the increase of the operating costs has turned out instead very more content being the turned out expenses pairs to 796,1 million dollars (+16.1%). The EBITDA rectified has been of 531,3 million dollars (+363.2%), the operating profit of 439,5 million dollars (+885.4%) and the profit clearly of 366,4 million dollars (+30,432, 4%).

In the last quarterly period of the 2020 fleet of the ZIM he has transported containerized cargo volumes pairs to 799 thousand teu regarding 698 thousand teu in the correspondent period of 2019 and the medium hire for transported container has turned out of 1.518 dollars/teu regarding 1.017 dollars/teu in the period October-December of 2019.

In entire the 2020 fleet of the Israeli company it has transported altogether 2,84 million teu, with an increase of +0.7% on the year precedence, of which 1,13 million teu on transpacifiche routes (+10.7%), 607 thousand teu on the routes intra-Asians (- 9.5%), 593 thousand teu on those ocean-going liners (+0.5%), 343 thousand teu on the Asia-Europe routes (- 3.7%) and 172 thousand teu on those with Latin America (- 8.0%).

The medium value of the hires relative to entire 2020 has turned out pairs to 1.229 dollars/teu (+21.8%), with relative a medium hire of 1.653 dollars/teu to transpacifici services (+23.1%), of 974 dollars/teu relative to the services ocean-going liners (+0.6%), of 747 dollars/teu to the services intra-asiati us (+34.4%), of 1.145 dollars/teu to the services Asia-Europe (+21.4%) and of 1.210 dollars/teu to the services with Latin America (+8.2%).

Last year the revenues of the company are piled to 3,99 billion dollars (+21.0%), of which 3,49 billion generated from the services of containerized transport (+22.6%), included 1,86 billion produced from transpacifici marine services (+36.2%), 577,4 million from the services ocean-going liners (+1.1%), 453,1 million from the services intra-asiati us (+21.5%), 392,7 million from the services Asia-Europe (+19.6%) and 208,4 million dollars from the services with Latin America (- 0.3%).

In the 2020 operating costs they are piled to 2,83 billion dollars (+0.9%). The EBITDA rectified relative to the entire exercise has been pairs to 1,04 billion dollars (+160.0%), the operating profit to 722,0 million dollars (+371.8%) and the profit clearly to 524,2 million dollars respect to a net loss of -13,0 million dollars in the exercise anniversary 2019.

Commenting the results of 2020, the president and managing director of the ZIM, Eli Glickman, it has evidenced that the company, in the course of the crisis due to the total pandemic, has generated the most elevated useful clearly never obtained in the 75 history years of the company. "We have begun 2021 - it has added Glickman - becoming the first company of total containerized line to being quoted to the New York Stock Exchange, to emphasize our success in creating a line company asset-light in front line in the field of the digitalisation. As a result of our initial public offer - it has moreover remembered - also we have announced a strategic agreement of in the long term relative chartering to ten portacontenitori dual-fuels LNG from 15.000 teu, placing the ZIM in a position to satisfying the increasing ask in the market Asia-coast oriental of the USA and to increase our leadership in facing the topics of the atmosphere and the sustainability"(on 12 February 2021).

Glickman has concluded announcing that for the 2021 ZIM it previews to continue along this positive trend being obtained a meaningful increase of the EBITDA and the rectified EBIT.

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