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18 June 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 03:54 GMT+2

June 3, 2021

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It is about to conclude the boom of the market of the shipping containerized?

According to the Bimco, the question could be attenuated after the period of peak season

The current exceptional phase crossed from the market of the shipping containerized, characterized a highest question that the marine carriers do not succeed to satisfy entirely, could be concluded traditionally between some month to the term of the period of peak season of this market, but some effects negatives primed from the current anomalous phase could be manifested more in the future in the time. It finds an analysis on this field of the marine transport of the Bimco, the international association of shipping, that it perceives of the typical dangers of a next phase to a market boom, beginning from the excess of hold offer, cargo ability that moreover the shipowners currently are making sure taking ships rental with pluriennali contracts that anticipate much elevated installments of hire.

The analysis evidences that the world-wide volume of recorded containerized marine transport in the first trimester of 2021 is elevated in absolute for this period being is pairs to 42,9 million teu, with an increment of +10.7% on the first trimester of a 2020 and increase of +6.8% regarding the first trimester of the 2019 (even if inferior one regarding the historical record of 45,9 million teu of the fourth trimester of 2020). The specific document that, moreover, in the single freedom of expression of 2021, with 15,5 million teu, is marked containerized the absolute cargo record transported monthly from the world-wide fleet that exceeds the historical peak in October precedence established last year with 15,4 million teu (before 2020, the volume more never elevated reached era is of 15,0 million teu in May 2019).

According to the Bimco, the elevated level of transported volumes will continue with the next arrival of the peak season of the shipping containerized, while successively - approaching to a phase post-pandemic - the question seems destined to slow down as the measures of stimulus to the economy and the restrictions in order to face the sanitary crisis will be loosened.

The analysis of the Bimco is stopped in recent months on the exceptional rise recorded from the value of the marine hires, that it is chargeed to found the increase of the question and to the contemporary imbalance between the several members of the supply chain containerized, situation - the document observes - than if it has forced the marine carriers to labor in order to hold the step, however has allowed they to record enormous profits.

The aspect of the greater costs is deepened also that the shipowners have had to support in order to procure ulterior ships necessary to satisfy the demands for the market, forcing them, also to make sure tonnage, to accept the more and more onerous demands for the owners of portacontainer. The document evidences that currently a ship of the ability to 700 teu is rented in order little less than 10.300 dollars to the day while, to the other extremity of the scale, for a ship from 8.500 teu 62,000 dollars to the day obtain. The analysis emphasizes moreover that, besides higher rates of hire, the charters of ships are using their position of force in the negotiations in order to tear contracts of chartering of the duration of two, three years or more to the current ones elevated rates.

The analysis observes moreover that the increase of the profits recorded from the companies of navigation and the elevated question has made to pull up the orders of ships, with 55 ships with medium abilities to 6.256 teu ordered between the first April and on 25 May past, store clerks who join to the record of 97 ordered ships to March. Altogether, by the beginning of the 2021 orders about 229 ships for a total of 2,2 million are added to the pocketbook teu of cargo ability(on 1° June 2021). The elevated question of container vessels has also an impact from the side of the demolitions of these naval units: last April no portacontenitori are sent to the dismantling and by the beginning of the 2021 solo ten units are placed in demolition, between which that of greater ability have been the Maersk Taasinge from 1.839 teu, constructed in 1994. In total, by the beginning of this year single abilities to hold for 8,064 teu are demolished and, second the forecasts of the Bimco, for entire the 2021 demolitions will come down more low to the level from 2007.

The analysis finds that if the boom of the market has induced the shipowners to multiply the orders for the construction of new ships and to delay the start to the demolition of ships of their fleet, once these new ships delivered could happen a repetition of the sovraccapacità problems with which the market it has had to be confronted many times over in the years and, once returned the normal conditions of market, the marine carriers will have newly to find the just balance between supply and demand. Besides this they could at the same time have to support costs of ships rented in the period of boom to prices elevated much.

According to the Bimco, however, even if this had to happen, the current exorbitant profits recorded from the navigation companies could attenuate the effects of a future deterioration of the market.

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