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November 4, 2021

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In September the traffic of goods in the ports of Genoa and Savona-Vado increased by +10.8% and +51.8%

In the third quarter of this year recorded increases +14.8% and +33.0% respectively

Last September the ports of Genoa and Savona-Vado Ligure have handled a total of 5.3 million tons of goods, volume representing an increase of +19.0% on September 2020 and a drop of -6.7% on September 2019 when it was not yet verified the impact determined by the Covid-19 pandemic on port activities. The port of Genoa alone has enlivened almost 4.0 million tons of goods, +10.8% more compared to September 2020 and -11.5% less than in September 2019, while the port of Savona-Vado enlivened over 1.3 million tons of goods, with increases of +51.8% on September 2020 and +11.0% on September 2019.

In the third quarter of 2021 the two Ligurian ports have globally handled 16.7 million tons of cargo, with an increase of +18.6% on the same period of 2020 and a decrease by -1.5% on the third quarter of 2019, of which 12.8 million tons handled by the port of Genoa (respectively +14.8% and -5.3%) and 3.9 million tons from the port of Savona-Vado (+33.0% and +13.3% respectively).

In the period July-September of this year in the port of call of the Ligurian capital, 8.5 million people were handled tons of miscellaneous goods (+28.0%), of which 5.7 million tons of containerized goods (+25.4%) made with a handling of container pairs to 647 thousand teu (+36.2%) and 2,8 million tons of conventional goods (+35.0%). The traffic of mineral oils is piled to 3,1 million tons (+55.4%) and that of the other liquid bulk at 201 thousand tons (+1.1%), including 115 thousand tons of chemicals (+0.4%) and 86 thousand tons of oils vegetables and wine (+2.1%). Solid bulk totaled 242 thousand tons (-9.5%) to which are added another 504 thousand tons in the industrial sector (+67.3%). In the third quarter of 2021, the Ferry passenger traffic was 1.1 million of units (+143.4%) and that of cruise passengers of 177 thousand units (+2.710,8%).

In the third quarter of this year the port of Savona-Vado has enlivened 1.8 million tons of miscellaneous goods (+37.1%), of which 998 thousand tons of rolling stock (+14.0%), 664 thousand tons of goods in containers (+116.7%) with a handling of containers pari a 55mila teu (+92.9%), 89mila tons of fruit (+3.3%), 47 thousand tons of forest products (-26.2%) and 42 thousand tons of steels (+239.9%). Liquid bulk rated at 1.6 million tons (+23.3%), of which 1,5 million tons of crude oil (+28.7%), 77 thousand tons of petroleum products refined (-33.3%) and 22 thousand tons of other liquid cargoes (+43,5%). In the solid bulk segment the traffic is state of 484 thousand tons (+58.0%), including 207 thousand tons of coal (+36.8%), 93 thousand tons of cereals and oilseeds (+81.5%), 41 thousand tons of minerals (+141.6%) and 142 thousand tons of other dry bulk (+64.7%). In the period July-September of this year the cruise traffic in Savona, which in the same period of 2020 was stopped, totaled 79 thousand passengers, while ferry traffic was 183 thousand passengers (+45.4%).

Meanwhile, the Port System Authority of the Ligurian Sea Western, which manages the ports of Genoa and Savona-Vado, has made I note that I have submitted 20 projects to the Ministry of Transition Ecological for the funding of the "Green Ports PNRR" project. The body has specified that at the center of the design there is the production and use of energy from photovoltaic panels for the power supply of the port public lighting and the supply of energy for sustainable mobility in the field harbour. Specifically, in Savona it is planned to build more photovoltaic systems managed by a "Port Grid" integrated with storage systems, which will allow both to manage and control electrical systems (smart-grid), both of increase the sustainability of the port: energy renewable produced will be used for power of public lighting and charging stations for operational electric vehicles of the AdSP. Also in Genoa it is expected the construction of several photovoltaic systems managed by a similar system of "Port Grid" evolved, to be realized in the industrial and commercial port areas of Levante and Ponente. In addition, it is planned to install an electrolyzer for the production of green hydrogen, powered by the same plants photovoltaic, to power hydrogen some new operating vehicles of the Port System Authority. Finally, the replacement of the AdSP fleet with 21 operational vehicles totally electric and five powered by hydrogen. The authority port has specified that green solutions have been identified in close cooperation with central and local institutions, and designed to be integrated with existing systems, replicable and modular. In the next 60 days the appropriate Commission appointed by the Ministry will evaluate the proposals projects admitted to funding.

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