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December 15, 2021

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Started the construction of the works at sea of the District of the shipbuilding of Cagliari

The works, worth over 20.1 million euros, will have to conclude in 390 days

This morning the president of the Port System Authority of the Sea of Sardinia, Massimo Deiana, has officially delivered the works for the construction of the second functional lot of the Shipbuilding district in the East Port Outpost Cagliari Canal. The intervention was awarded to the Temporary Grouping of Companies R.C.M. Costruzioni S.r.l. - Consorzio Integra Soc. Coop., for an amount of over 20.1 million of euros, and you will have to conclude in 390 days. The works will complete the urbanization works already made in the ground part of the outpost with a cost of about seven million.

The new interventions provide for the advancement of the current line of coast of about 70 meters and the construction of a shore quay 570 meters long, the excavation of an internal channel at the outpost to allow all the lots a direct view to sea, dredging front outpost for a width of 100 meters and five of depth, the realization of the piers of protection of the water mirror in front of the quays, with the construction of filling tanks that can be used to accommodate the material coming from dredging and the opening of a gap in the eastern breakwater of about 80 meters for allow dedicated access to boats intended for Shipbuilding district, thus avoiding the mixture with ship traffic arriving and departing from the terminal in bulk.

Once the works are completed, the citadel of boating, which will have an extension of about 23 hectares, will be able to accommodate industrial, craft and commercial settlements in the sector shipbuilding, with particular reference to the refitting of yachts even large in size.

At the same time as the Nautical District, as well as requested by the Ministries of Ecological Transition and Culture in the context of environmental, landscape and compensation of the infrastructure of the Outpost, the AdSP has also delivered the construction works of the nearby park of Sant'Efisio that will end in 365 days. The work, awarded to the company Elcal Srl for about 1.2 million euros, pedestrian and cycle paths with rest areas at the points of greater landscape value; the planting of native essences compatible with the natural habitat of the area; the realization of an emergency lane for emergency vehicles; the realization the lighting system of the cycle path and pedestrian; the demolition and reconstruction of the former building of the Port Authority that will be dedicated to services for the visitors to the park and, in particular, guard office and refreshment point. The new Sant'Efisio Park will complete the already partly realized cycle-pedestrian path of connection with the Fishermen's Village of Giorgino. A intervention, also this, of radical urban redevelopment, entrusted to the company Resiltech Srl for about 400 thousand euros, that will reconfigure in 300 days the road network existing with the introduction of a clear separation between the lanes vehicular, pedestrian and cycle paths in order to allow a connection in total safety with the park.

"Today's one - underlined Deiana - is a historical moment for the recreational boating sector on the island and turning point for the extensive process of revolution of the layout of the cagliari port areas. With the start of the construction site for the works to sea, let's get to the heart of the shipbuilding development process for pleasure boating and related services. Within 13 months we will be able to make available to operators in the sector an area of 23 hectares tidy and functional to the construction needs and maintenance of boats ranging from small tonnage to large yachts. At the same time, continuing the imposing redevelopment work of the Cagliari waterfront, we will return to the public use a new space, the park of Sant'Efisio, that we will use as an equipped green, reachable from the village of fishermen of Giorgino through a suggestive cycle path pedestrian'.

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