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January 26, 2022

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Last year the ports of Sardinia have enlivened 44.02 million tons of goods (+14.8%)

Passenger traffic is recovering

Last year the ports of Sardinia have enlivened 44.02 million tons of goods, with an increase of +14.8% on the 2020 and a drop of -4.8% on the pre-pandemic year of 2019. The sun miscellaneous goods are piled to 13,87 million tons (+19.7% on the 2020 and -3.0% on 2019), liquid bulk at 25.72 million tons (respectively +13.8% and -7.7%) and solid bulk 4.42 million tons (+6.2% and +8.0%). With regard to goods miscellaneous, the only container traffic at the Canal Port of Cagliari is state equal to 32,462 teu, with an increase of +207.3% on 2020 and a decrease of -8.2% on 2019.

In 2021, moreover, the Sardinian ports recorded a traffic of scheduled passengers of 4.77 million (+37.9% on 2020 and -22.2% on 2019), of which 4.08 million ferry passengers (+37.7% and -18.2%) and 864 thousand passengers services with the smaller islands (+39.1% and -39.6%). Traffic cruise was 57 thousand passengers (+730.5% and -87,0%).

"We close 2021 - commented the president of the AdSP of the Sea of Sardinia, Massimo Deiana - with decidedly positive percentages encouraging, which give a glimpse of a definitive exit from the worst period of crisis. Despite the increase in protocols sanitary on normal operation, on the one hand, and a irregular traffic trends, on the other hand, the system airports, and in particular the whole port cluster, have demonstrated to the better a large sealing capacity, resisting the lashed by the crisis, remaining in play despite the numerous restrictions, without causing inconvenience to the mobility of passengers and cargo. We are therefore ready, in this 2022, to regain the peak of the ascent and look to the future with greater optimism, aware of the fact that new and important challenges for the revival of key sectors, among all the of container transhipment, but also planning infrastructure and planning of passenger services that can give new lifeblood and competitiveness, at the level international, to all our eight ports of competence". The jurisdiction of the AdSP covers the ports of Arbatax, Cagliari, Golfo Aranci, Olbia, Oristano, Porto Torres, Portovesme and Santa Teresa of Gallura.

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