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February 22, 2022

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Port of Civitavecchia, deliberated the forfeiture of the Konig dealer for the area of the former Privilege shipyard

The AdSP does not revoke the concession to Port Mobility for the shuttle service of cruise passengers

Yesterday the Management Committee of the System Authority Port of the Tyrrhenian Sea North Central has deliberated unanimously the forfeiture of the Konig dealer for the area of the former Privilege shipyard, thus concluding a administrative procedure started last October ( of 27 October 2021). "We gave to Konig - he specified the President of the AdSP, Pino Musolino - all the time necessary to produce the documentation required by the administration about the compliance with the provisions of the concession, but there is no nothing has been received except, at the end of the period set at 31 last January, a request for further extension in the face of the possibility of acquiring shareholdings from part of another subject. To date, nothing has occurred of what has been written above, and in the pursuit of interest general of the port, which is to regain those areas of great value and make them functional to the development of traffic and of the economic activities of the airport, a very important decision, in the awareness on the part of the administration to have experienced every attempt to ensure that the dealer would take action to comply with his plan industrial'.

In addition, the Management Committee gave a unanimous opinion in favour of the conclusion of the procedure for the revocation of the concession of the shuttle service for cruise passengers, with the AdSP which has decided not to proceed with the withdrawal of the concession to Port Mobility. "We closed - explained Musolino - with a outcome that was not at all obvious before the careful and thoughtful investigation of the offices a procedure determined by the improvised and hasty choices of the recent past and that today it would, moreover, have created a social problem of considerable importance. size, since we would no longer be talking about the risk of 26 redundancies, but of all the jobs of Port Mobility, which would have jumped with the eventual revocation of the concession on the shuttle'.

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