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April 15, 2022

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With sanctions on Russia the port of Antwerp will lose about 5% of the annual traffic volume

Moscow is the airport's fifth largest trading partner Belgian port

In view of the closure from next Sunday of the ports Belgians to ships flying the Russian flag as a result of the measure national that has transposed THE EU rules introduced as sanctions against Russia for the invasion of Ukraine, the Port Authority of Antwerp has taken stock of the future impact of the conflict on the port.

The port authority recalled that exceptions to the prohibition loads of agricultural and food products, humanitarian aid and energy products. In addition, the authority has specified that it is the export of a large number of goods, including those that can be used both for civil purposes and military, and container cargoes destined for Russia are subject to further checks by customs.

The Port Authority explained that if the port of Antwerp does not move large flows of goods with Ukraine, while Russia, with reference to 2021 data, is the fifth trading partner of the Belgian port of call with 11.6 million tons of goods to and from the Slavic nation handled by the port of Antwerp, of which 3.6 million tons in export and 8.5 millions in import. It is - we specify - less than 5% of the 239.8 million tons passed overall last year year through the Belgian airport, as well as about 7% of the only traffic at disembarkation and about 3% of that at embarkation.

The traffic enlivened by the port of Antwerp with Russia is consisting of 5.3 million tonnes of container goods, mainly plastics, timber, chemicals, car parts and paper, from 4.8 million tonnes of liquid bulk, including primarily naphtha, diesel and fuel oil, from 700 thousand tonnes of solid bulk, mainly fertilisers and coal, and 650 thousand tons of conventional goods, consisting of much of it from steel imports.

In 2021, 51 Russian ships landed in Antwerp for a total of 108 airports out of a total of 14,181.

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