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April 21, 2022

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In 2021 rail freight traffic in Austria is up by +4.8%

Flows to and from Italy increased by +9.5%

Last year rail freight traffic in Austria was state of 102.2 million tons, with an increase of +4.8% compared to 2020. Today the Austrian Statistical Office announced whereas in 2021 the only national rail traffic was of 28,5 million tons (+7.4%), the import traffic of 24,9 million tons (+1.2%), that of export of 17,5 million tons (+8.0%) and the transit traffic of 31,3 million tons (+4.0%). Almost half (50.3%) of the Transit traffic is represented by flows between Germany and Italy, with 8.5 million tons loaded last year in Germany and transported by rail to Italy via Austria and 7.2 million of tons loaded in Italy and shipped to Germany.

In 2021 the total rail traffic in Austria to and from Italy amounted to 4.5 million tonnes, with a growth of +9.5% on 2020 which follows two years of decline (-4.8% in 2020 and -2.4% in 2019), of which 1.6 million tons of goods imported from Italy (+32.2%) and 2.9 million tons of cargo exported by rail to Italy (-0.1%).

Overall traffic productivity last year rail freight in Austria amounted to 21.8 billion tonne-kilometres (+6.3%), with a performance of 4.3 billion tonn-km in national traffic (+3.0%), of 5.6 billion tonn-km in import (+7.3%), of 3.9 billion tonn-km in export traffic (+2.3%) and 7.9 billion ton-km in transit (+9.5%). Relative to the only traffic to and from Italy the overall productivity is state of 1.2 billion tonne-kilometres (+3.2%), of which 357 million in imports from Italy (+20.3%) and 832 million in exports (-2,7%).

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