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April 21, 2022

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The Council of State upholds the port authority's appeal by Gioia Tauro against Zito Evoluzioni Navali Yacht

The AdSP had declared the concessionary relationship with the company

The Council of State which has definitively expressed itself to in favor of the Port System Authority of the Tyrrhenian Seas Southern and Ionian in the appeal against the company Zito Evoluzioni Navali Yacht, owner of two state-owned maritime concessions within the port basin of Gioia Tauro. With appeal at the Regional Administrative Court for Calabria la Zito Evoluzioni Navali Yacht had challenged the decree of the AdSP of 12 September 2019 with which the forfeiture of the overall concessionary relationship as a result of the accident occurred within the port area on June 21, 2019 in the as Agostino Filandro had lost his life, ruinously invested from the collapse of a crane's boom while intent the carrying out of unauthorised hauling operations of a craft. Against the sentence of the TAR, which had annulled the revocation of the concession, both the port authority and the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility constituted before the Council of State which, in welcoming totally the position of the two entities with judgment no. 2948/2022 , declared the appeal well-founded accepting the reasons of the AdSP as the measure to revoke the concession is adopted at the end of the disputed "non-compliance of the obligations arising from the concession, or imposed by law or regulations", pursuant to art. 47, paragraph 1 letter f) of navigation code.

"At the base of everything - commented the president of the AdSP, Andrea Agostinelli - the pain for the death of the Mr Agostino Filandro. A tragic event that still grieves us but which has been instrumentalized to place responsibility on administrative and criminal offences with respect to the disappearance of Filandro. Beyond the judicial implications, we cannot not to highlight the pain for his disappearance".

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