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April 28, 2022

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The TRAN Committee of the EU Parliament proposes to tighten the sanctions against Russia in the maritime and railway sectors

Request to deny the green light to the port of call of the EU to all ships that also call at their route in Russian ports

The European Parliament's Committee on Transport and Tourism has adopted a motion for a resolution on the impact on sectors of the transport and tourism of Russia's war of aggression in the comparisons of Ukraine, which will be discussed today, in which, with regard to the maritime sector, welcomes the fifth package of sanctions against Russia adopted by the Commission European which provides, among other things, for a ban on flag ships Russian and ships operating from Russia to access ports of the European Union, but asks to go beyond these measures to prevent circumvention. The proposal therefore calls for to deny the green light to call at EU ports to all ships, regardless of who owns or operates them, if long their route also calls at Russian ports, except that these stopovers are justified on humanitarian grounds.

In addition, the proposal of the European Parliamentary Commission asks that all ships that want to call at a port eu fuel is prohibited from refuelling in Russian ports or delivered by Russian ships.

With regard to the rail sector, the Commission Transport and Tourism regrets that there is currently no direct prohibition of rail transport activities with the Russian railway group Russian Railways, although the Russian company has been included in the list of persons and bodies subject to financial restrictions. The proposal also notes that trains can still travel through Russia, in particularly freight trains connecting Europe and China.

If, in the proposal, the Commission expresses concern about the serious impact that the conflict is having on the transport sector aircraft in terms of operating costs, making the carriage of both passengers and goods, in relation to transport road proposal welcomes Commission action European to ensure the return of European truck drivers from conflict zone and road freight transport to Ukraine and Moldova and likewise welcomes the recent sanctions that prohibit road transport undertakings established in Russia and Belarus to transport goods within the territory of the EU, thus drastically limiting the options of Russian industry to obtain essential goods.

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