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April 28, 2022

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Slala urges the implementation of the project behind the port of the Lower Piedmont

Rossini: this is really the last chance

Slala, the foundation made up of public bodies, associations banking, trade associations and private individuals which has the purpose of promotion of the logistics system of the North-West of Italy, presses so that the system behind the port of Alexandria. «For the project behind the port of the Basso Piedmont, after the meeting of the States General of Logistics of the North West - explained the president of Slala, Cesare Rossini - is it is essential in a short time to provide answers to the real questions that are not and cannot yet be those of management specific to each individual plant, but which concern the overall design of a logistics system that must be open to all operators, primarily terminal operators, and that must find in the economies of scale related to decongestion of terminals, port gates, highways, the economic quadrature to become the lung of the ports, but especially an integral part of that system of connections between Ligurian ports and hinterland industrial and productive of the North West, which until today is resoundingly missed".

According to Slala, it's time to draw up a plan of priorities based on hard facts and realistic forecasts relating to the completion times of the sorting center of Alessandria, to the implementation of logistics zones simplified, to the connections between the different rear port areas. "And on this - underlined Rossini - Slala is in able to immediately put in place that baggage of expertise in also able to attract diversified interests to the management, in the when they will be clear, times, costs and operation of these structures'. "This - concluded Rossini - is really the last opportunity to put all the active forces at full speed also obtaining answers on the real timing of the Third Pass and of the lines to Milan. Third Pass that, we discover from the media, to be slipped into a deafening silence to 2026».

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