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May 5, 2022

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Formalized the assignment to Azimut Benetti of the compendium of the dry docks of the port of Livorno

Warriors: it is the piece that was missing to leave us definitively behind years of tragedies, legal disputes and operational difficulties

The compendium of the dry docks of the port of Livorno is was formally assigned to the nautical group Azimut Benetti with ten-year concession contract signed last night that follows the green light to the establishment of the company deliberated at the end last year by the Management Committee of the Port System of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea. Announcing the signing of the agreement, the AdSP recalled the recent tormented history of the shipbuilding compendium that lasted almost seven years and began in 2015 with the tender to identify the subject that managed it and immediately blocked by the accident that took place on August 25 of the same year to the oceanographic ship Urania of the CNR in the basin Mediterranean float that caused the tragic death of a worker, with the investigations that followed and the controversies that arose among the assurances that led to the blocking of the procedure for years. To further delay which they contributed, subsequently, the legal initiatives of the company of Jobson ship repairs, aimed at challenging validity of the provisional award of the basins to the competitor Azimut Benetti. The port authority recalled that, after freezing the tender procedure giving the suspension pending the decision in the merit, in June 2021 the Regional Administrative Court for Tuscany ruled against the appeals, declaring them partly inadmissible and partly inadmissible. At a distance of almost one year from that pronouncement, after completing all the investigations of the case and having waited for the expiry of the time limits for the Proposal by Jobson of a possible appeal to the Council of State, the AdSP has therefore taken the last step towards the assignment of the concession to Azimut, which is present at Livorno with a plant for the production of yachts up to 100 Meters.

'The award of the concession to the yard Azimut-Benetti of about 92 thousand square meters of water mirrors that insist between the two docks 76 and 78 of the Labronico airport - underlined the secretary general of the AdSP, Matteo Paroli - has a enormous historical value. As a manager of the state property predisposed, in the 2014, the tender procedure thus starting a route troubled that today I see finally end». The signature of the concessionary act - added the president of the AdSP, Luciano Warriors - it is the piece that was missing to "leave us definitively behind years of tragedies, legal disputes and operational difficulties. Now we can look to the future with greater serenity. The hope is that the exercise of the concessionary activity guarantees the widest involvement of local businesses. I also expect that the company follows up on the expected growth commitments employment'.

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