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May 11, 2022

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Tasters, good Commission amendments TRAN MEP to safeguard maritime services for territorial continuity and motorways of the sea

For the Italian association, the inclusion of transport maritime in the ETS should only cover intra-EU travel

Assarmatori expressed appreciation for the positive vote of the recent days of the Transport and Tourism Commission (TRAN) of the European Parliament to the draft opinion (rapporteur Novakov) on proposal for a directive providing for the inclusion of shipping in the European Emissions Trading ETS ( of 29 April 2022). "It is - explained the president of the shipowning association, Stefano Messina - of a turning point very important, which follows the resolution adopted by the Commission European Policies of the Italian Senate. The amendments of the TRAN Commission - Messina clarified - are in fact aimed at safeguard continuity-related link services territorial and those of the Motorways of the Sea, which otherwise would be jeopardized with obvious damage in a country like Italy which has the largest island population and boasts the most large fleet of ferries at European level. It also recognized the principle of shared responsibility between owner and operator of the ship as part of the eventual inclusion of shipping in the ETS system and has been advanced the proposal for the establishment of a "Transition Fund" maritime", useful for financing research investments and technological necessary to achieve ambitious goals, shareable and passable only if implemented with the right timing and linked to realistic criteria».

Assarmatori claimed that from the Parliamentary Commission TRAN has also received further recognition although indirect of the theses supported for some time by the Italian association: "the choices made by Europe on the ETS - he noted Asthma arresters - threaten to move ocean trade to ports outside the European Union such as those of North Africa". According to Assarmatori, "the inclusion of maritime transport in the ETS it should only cover intra-EU travel'. For the association, 'that scope would render credible and feasible initiative, strengthening the role of leadership of the European Union: this within a a global debate that should take place within of the International Maritime Organization, avoiding tensions international trade and preserving at the same time the competitiveness of EU ports'.

"Now - added Messina - we express the hope that the Italian Government and the European Parliament to accede to the requests advanced by the Senate Committee and the Transportation Committee and EU tourism: environmental sustainability must be in fact conjugated with the economic and social one in order to be pursued to the end".'

Assarmatori also focused on the approval of the European Parliament, in the plenary session of 5 May, of a resolution on the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict on the tourism and transport, a document expressing 'concern' for the impact of international maritime transport, logistics, supply chains and prices of the fuel" and in which it is emphasized that "a combination higher prices for energy and transport it would affect all citizens, in particular families in low income', inviting the Commission 'to carry out an economic and social assessment of the consequences as a matter of urgency the war on all modes of transport in the EU market and offer support quickly." "Again in this case - messina observed - these are issues that Assarmatori has brought to the attention of public opinion for some time. The risk that geopolitical tensions are reflected economically on the consumers, without properly calibrated interventions, is concrete and in some cases already in place. All this puts to jeopardising the recovery from the pandemic, in particular in the sector tourism and more generally passenger services, as well as of goods'.

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