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May 11, 2022

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Marevivo and the Federation of the Sea, the approval of the Law Salvamare is a historic victory

It will allow fishermen to bring plastic ashore recovered with nets instead of dumping it into the sea

Today, Wednesday 11 May, is a historic day for the sea and for the future of man on the planet. They have it highlighted Marevivo and Federazione del Mare, together with Assonave, Assoporti, Confindustria Nautica, Confitarma, Federpesca, Lega Naval, Italian Sailing League, Zoological Station Anton Dohrn and La Great Wave, commenting on today's final approval by of the Senate of the so-called Salvamare Law and highlighting that 'finally, after publication in the "Journal Official", our country will have a tool effective and concrete, also required by the European Union, which will allow fishermen to bring plastic ashore recovered with nets instead of discharging it into the sea, an action that before it constituted the crime of illicit transport of waste. The law also provides for the installation of collection systems at the mouths of rivers to intercept plastic before it reaches the sea and also deals with desalinators, education, cleaning campaigns, Posidonia oceanica and much more».

"It is - underlined Rosalba Giugni, president of Marevivo - a great victory: for our sea, for our Country, for our citizens. Thanks to this law, we will have more strength to clean the sea of plastic, a real plague for the marine ecosystem and beyond. Microplastics, in fact, are have been found in women's placenta, blood and milk maternal. There is no more time: we must all act together. Our future depends on the health of the sea and health of the sea depends on us".

'The Federation of the Sea and its federated organisations - said the president of the Federation of the Sea, Mario Mattioli - are proud to have supported the initiative of Marevivo and happy to have contributed to the achievement of this important result that the whole world of the economy of the sea shares and that will certainly have an environmental impact immediate and concrete on the health of our seas, lakes and rivers, contributing to a further development of the circular economy".

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