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May 18, 2022

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First International Day for Women at Sea

Tomorrow and Friday the European Commissioner for the Environment, the oceans and fishing will be in Ravenna

Tomorrow and Friday the European Commissioner for the Environment, the oceans and fishing, Virginijus Sinkevicus, will be in Ravenna for the celebration of the European Maritime Day, an event during which the European Maritime Community meets to create networks, discuss and outline joint action on maritime affairs and the sustainable blue economy. This year's main theme is "Sustainable blue economy for a green recovery".

Commissioner Sinkevicus to meet Deputy Minister Italian to Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility, Teresa Bellanova, and the mayor of Ravenna, Michele de Pascal. He will visit the Ravenna headquarters of the Coast Guard and the Center of Research Environment Sea and Energy in Marina Di Ravenna. Among the other commitments, the EU4Ocean Ocean summit will open on Friday Literacy and will visit the Ravenna campus of the University of Bologna where the monitoring of marine environments takes place coastal in the Mediterranean.

Meanwhile, today the first Day was celebrated international for women at sea, annual event established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 2021. To celebrations joins the Federation of the Sea. 'Training-visibility-recognition: supporting a barrier-free working environment: I fully agree - he said the president of the Federation, Mario Mattioli - the theme of this year that sums up very well the essence of the challenges that Women from all over the world have to face and in the maritime sector. Finally, today in the maritime world as in many other sectors, the mentality has changed a lot and, also thanks to the IMO and to other maritime organizations, opportunities are opening up career for women. And it's nice to see that they are numerous women who are responding positively. I remember how much said in 2019 by IMO Secretary General Kitack Lim: "The Women in today's maritime world are strong, powerful and defiant constantly old perceptions. Experience tells us that the diversity is better ; is better for the work of team, for leadership and for commercial performance. The Maritime world is changing. And for the better.""

"Today - highlighted Mattioli - there are exponents women of the maritime world of great talent and ability, active in all sectors of the blue economy: shipowning industry, fishing, boating, ports and terminals, research, organizations international, training. This shows that even in our world, in the end you look at what people are capable of to do and not to their gender".

"Certainly - added the secretary general of the Federation of the Sea, Laurence Martin - there are still wide margins of improvement and the right training can favor and accelerate the entry of women into our world, as well as technological innovation and digitalization can give them excellent opportunities, creating new roles and skills and therefore encouraging the creation of a diversified and dynamic sector».

"Despite the fact that women are increasingly protagonists of the maritime economy - concluded Martin - is still long the way to close the gender gap in this sector. The the fight against gender inequalities is and must be a priorities, in line with the objectives of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations. The future is in our hands. We working together to innovate and ensure equal opportunities for everyone. Equality in the world of the sea is fundamental to help achieve a sustainable future for the industry in the as a whole."

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