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May 25, 2022

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Agreement between the AdSP of the Eastern Adriatic Sea and Railways Emilia Romagna

Additional step of the port institution to become manager of its own railway infrastructure

The Port System Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea has started a collaboration on the railway training of staff with Railways Emilia Romagna, the sole manager of the entire regional rail network, which is understood by the AdSP, which is the first port entity to undertake the path of Safety Authorization at ANSFISA (National Agency for Safety of Railways and Road Infrastructure and Autoroad), is aimed at obtaining the ratings at safety activities for the management of rail movement and for the maintenance of the port infrastructure.

The port authority explained that the convention constitutes a further fundamental step towards the strategic goal of becoming manager of its own railway infrastructure, accomplishment that the AdSP has placed itself after the signing of the framework agreement on the development and security of the rail infrastructure connecting with ports between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, National Security Agency of Railways, Associports, Italian Railway Network and ASSTRA.

The Port Authority of the Eastern Adriatic has reminded that each Port System Authority can carry out the functions of infrastructure manager in the port liaison tracts of its own jurisdiction provided it acquires the necessary security clearance and specified that, by understanding the opportunity given by the framework agreement, the port of Trieste was the first to initiate the process which, once concluded, will enable it to manage the infrastructure of competence autonomously in the compliance with the safety standards set out in the legislation and will be able to foster development of rail traffic with investments aimed at the recovery and improvement of the current infrastructure.

The agreement with Ferrovie Emilia Romagna provides for the organization and the realization of enabling courses in which Railways Instructors Emilia Romagna, recognized by the ANSFISA, will provide AdSP staff with additional expertise highly specialist, fundamentals to complete the security clearance path. More than 50 days between theoretical courses, trainings and internships are planned, corresponding to more than 3,000 hours of training.

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