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May 27, 2022

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The port of Ravenna participates in the project that won the 2022 IAPH Sustainability Awards

The aim is to create a platform for the management of drones to improve safety in port areas

The International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) has awarded the 2022 edition of the IAPH Sustainability Awards to the "PASSport" project to which the Port System Authority of the Adriatic Center-Northern Sea is participating and which has the objective of creating an operational platform for the management of a fleet of drones that, thanks to innovative satellite technologies, will be able to improve safety in port areas.

The "PASSport solution" will integrate existing operational platforms by extending the surveillance perimeter using a fleet of aerial and underwater drones to provide innovative operational support to safety and protection aspects of the port operations, also further raising the levels of security and protection of port activities, including in protection of aspects of their environmental sustainability. In particular, drones will offer the possibility of : monitoring air and water pollution levels, monitoring the state of the basics and underwater infrastructure, and providing support for electronic navigation.

The platform "PASSport" will be validated through five specially designed use cases in the ports of Hamburg (Germany), Le Havre (France), Kolobrzeg (Poland), Ravenna (Italy) and Valencia (Spain). The use case that will be tested in Ravenna will cover the use of underwater drones for the acquisition of bathymetric data and the inspection of submerged parts of port infrastructure and the use of aerial drones for the inspection of specific areas port. Last May 20, during the "European Maritime Day" demonstration, in the scope of the project's activities, a demonstration of the use of drones was held in the port of Ravenna.

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