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May 30, 2022

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In Russia, a significant increase in rail freight fares is expected

Proposed a 11% percent rise as early as next month.

To continue to operate and invest in the means and infrastructure the Russian railway group Russian Railways needs funds that, for 2022 alone, amount to more than 620 billion rubles (8.8 billion euros). The issue was addressed on Friday at a meeting chaired by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Andrej Belousov, during which he specified that the company will have to resolve such a problem in the context of a generalized drop in goods carried on rail, an increase in financial costs and an inflationary pressure. Belousov said the government and the company had decided to recover assets worth more than 290 billion rubles by taking funds from the Russian sovereign wealth fund NWF. In addition, the increase in fares for rail freight has been proposed, which is expected to be 11% percent and introduced as early as the beginning of June.

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