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May 30, 2022

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Intercargo, for seafarers the Covid is not at all behind

Fafalios : Our efforts to highlight the difficult situation of seafarers do not have to stop

It appears that the Covid-19 pandemic is attenuating its grip in several world regions. But this only happens on the mainland. In the sea the health crisis is still felt, there it is. Intercargo, the international association of shipowners operating in the maritime transport sector of solid bulk shipping, said shipping was facing a kind of "Long Covid" as the company said it would be "a Long Covid". of the association, Dimitrios Fafalios-"seafarers from all over the world continue to face the serious problems in exchange for crews, entrances to ports and the change in vaccination requirements." In addition, Fafalios added, " new waves of infection continue to hit the ports and once again we are seeing local authorities interpreting the rules in their own way. This is accessing today in ports around the world and governments and administrations seem to have not learned the lesson of the last two dwarfs, as they go towards a post-Covid agenda. "

If the war in Ukraine has certainly exacerbated the problem, given the difficulty of both Ukrainians and Russians-who represent a substantial share of the maritime workforce-to be able to work, Intercargo fears that the war crisis will have also diverted attention from the impact that the pandemic is still having on the maritime sector, with several ports around the world that prevent seafarers from falling to the ground and where, in some cases, they even have difficulty accessing to non-emergency medical care.

Urging governments to keep the issue at the top of their agenda, Fafalios also urged the shipping industry not to lower its guard : " The situation is in the process of becoming and requires a commitment from the industry. "Our efforts to highlight the difficult situation of seafarers must not stop and the industry absolutely must in no way consider normal what is happening to seafarers today," he said.

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