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May 31, 2022

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ECSA and T&E urge to include in FuelEU Maritime suppliers of fuels such as parts responsible for decarbonisation of shipping

Renewed request to use the resources of the Regulation and EU ETS to make sustainable shipping fuels cost effective

The association of European shipowners ECSA and Transport & Environment, the non-governmental association that promotes the reduction of emissions from the transport sector, have called on the European Parliament and EU states to introduce changes to the proposal for a FuelEu Maritime Regulation, which is intended to facilitate the use of sustainable alternative fuels in shipping and in European ports, in order to bring it into line with the European Climate Act and the objectives of the Paris Agreement. According to the European Community Shipowners ' Associatione and T&E, in fact, the current proposal for a regulation of the European Commission " does not live up to the ambitions and does not take into account the responsibilities of other stakeholders, such as suppliers of fuels ". For ECSA and T&E, "if adopted in its current form, the proposal could harm more than hefty to the climate ambitions of shipping."

The element of the most weakness of the proposal, which is repeatedly remarked by international shipowners ' associations, is precisely that of failure to empower suppliers of fuels. Noting that "the responsibility of fuel suppliers is essential to achieve these ambitious regulatory objectives", ECSA and T&E have therefore called for " the introduction of strict requirements for Member States under the FuelEU Maritime to the end to ensure that fuel suppliers in European ports provide the compliant fuel vessels and in sufficient quantities to meet the objectives of the standards. "

In addition, ECSA and T&E highlighted the need for the revenues generated by FuelEU Maritime and the EU ETS, the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, to be used to facilitate the energy transition of the maritime sector and to contribute to bridging the differential between conventional fuels and sustainable and scalable alternatives, even-they specified the two organizations-through contracts by difference on the price of carbon. Finally the two associations called for the introduction of a high multiplier for the use of sustainable and scalable ship fuel in order to make them cost competitive in terms of costs compared to other fuels.

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