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June 1, 2022

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War leads to a reduction in the volumes of goods transported by rail by Russian Railways

In May recorded a decrease of -5.6%

Since the beginning of the war, when on February 24 the troops Russians began the invasion of Ukraine, the conflict has caused a downward turn in the volumes of goods transported from the Russian railway group Russian Railways. If in February 2022, with 97.1 million tonnes transported, a slight increase of +0.5% on the same month last year, at Last March a decrease of -2.5% of volumes having been transported 106.7 million tons. Trend negative that was accentuated last April when, with 102.4 million tons, the decrease was +4.9%, and then the following month when, with 104.6 million tons, the reduction was -5.6%.

In May 2022, among the most significant volumes of cargoes transported, coal decreased by -9.1% being amounted to 28.8 million tonnes and crude oil and petroleum products, with 17.4 million tons, marked a contraction of -1.7%.

In the first five months of this year Russian Railways has transported 514.9 million tons of goods, with a reduction by -2.1% on the same period of 2021. The only loads of coal attested to 149.3 million tons (- 3.7%) and those of crude oil and derivatives at 89.5 million tons (-0.4%).

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