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June 1, 2022

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Wrong - emphasize the operators of the port of La Spezia - identify only in the terminals the responsibility of the congestion at the entrance of the airport

Necessary - they highlight - to define a more effective and decisive

In a note the operators of the port of La Spezia - terminalists, shipowners, shipping agents, freight forwarders and customs officers - representatives to the Sea Resource Partnership Body of the Port System Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea replied to the protest of the organizations of road transport for the non-adoption of the ordinance on timing loading, unloading and waiting of trucks in the port of La Spezia, which is was rejected as part of the AdSP partnership table ( of 31 May 2022).

Specifying that he has reiterated "several times and more occasions full adherence to choices that allow regulation of the accesses to the port of heavy vehicles and the introduction of levels of services, stating that these measures are at in favour of the efficiency of the entire logistic-port chain', in the note the operators of the port of La Spezia recalled that, 'after the first ordinance, introduced, has been tested a few months ago, the operators had asked for a technical table, formed by all stakeholders for analyze and share the reasons for the occurrence of moments of congestion at the entrance to the port and identify solutions to process and management, which are applied and followed by all actors would have identified new and innovative flows aimed at improve the entire process, believing that before adopting a final regulatory order would have been more useful and correct to understand upstream the reasons for excessive traffic, schedules and the most critical days. The indication in summary was and is that of intervening on the causes that originate the problem and not to merely sanction its effects.'

Operators pointed out that the ordinance, on the other hand, 'identifies only in the terminals the responsibility for the congestion at the entrance to the port, a question instead of, given the fact that by the operators, it is to be traced back to a co-responsibility among the many who contribute to the departure and arrival of goods, reason why it would have been appropriate to be involved in the table technical of all public and private actors'.

"In the port of La Spezia - it is also recalled in the note - work is underway to execute the redesign investment the Maritime Station and the extensions of the port areas, which is why the AdSP was invited to review the timing of approval by postponing the introduction of the measure, pending to understand how the traffic flows would really change and then the consequent accesses to the merchant port, in the absence of one study of the viability of port areas'

Giving reasons for the rejection of the ordinance, the operators have specified that "it was considered also that the insertion of penalties or rewards in the order against a single port entity would not have taking into account the multiple operational aspects and all the subjects interested parties who contribute to the operations of access of the means heavy in port".

"Faced with these assessments - continues the note - we consider it incorrect to communicate partial readings on what happened, as we believe it is wrong to ignite tensions on problems which are evident to all port and logistics operators. We express regret for not having understood the reasons for our requests, exclusively aimed at defining a more effective and decisive and all based on safeguarding port efficiency and operations, instances that go in the assumption of full responsibility in favor of of our port'.

"The operators of the port community - he concludes the note - they have always favored innovation and new procedures aimed at to improve operations by enhancing every possible element that could enrich the relationship with the city, reason why we send back to the sender the idea of wanting to keep one status quo. However in the interest of our port and the economy which represents for the territory and for the employment value that produces and guarantees, we remain as always at your disposal to find together and in a shared logic all the solutions to problems that go in the direction of greater efficiency and a necessary and fundamental harmony with the community citizen'.

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