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June 7, 2022

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The volumes of Ukrainian cereals transported on the Danube are growing, but the rates of transport services increase significantly

Moskalenko (UDP) ensures that the growth of the size of the company's fleet will have the effect of stabilizing the prices

While the efforts of governments and diplomacy are multiplying to try to restore exports of cereals produced in Ukraine through Ukrainian seaports, you are intensifying the flows of cereals exported through the axis River danube, but the costs of this mode of transport are soaring.

The PJSC Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company (UDP), the company of maritime and river navigation owned by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, announced the results of a tender held on June 3 on the platform Prozorro public electronics for the sale of the services of river transport. The company has specified that the price based auction for the transport with its own fleet of cereal barges from the Ukrainian ports on the Danube of Reni and Izmail amounted to 52.5 euros for the transport of one tonne of durum wheat and EUR 73.4 per the transport of one tonne of soft wheat. UDP has specified that all 12 auctioned lots were sold and for each Lotto participated from five to seven companies.

The basic auction prices of the tender for the transport of cereals on the Danube with the barges of the UDP held last May 20, in which eight to 13 companies participated and through the which had been sold all 12 lots offered, were very less than and equal to 34 euros for the transport of one tonne of durum wheat from the port of Reni and 36 euros from the port of Izmail.

The race of June 3 ended with a price average of 98.7 euros for the transport of one ton of durum wheat and EUR 137.9 for one tonne of soft wheat, while the tender of 20 May had ended by setting an average price of 76 euros for the transport of one tonne of durum wheat from the port of Reni and 87 euros from the port of Izmail.

Commenting on the outcome of the last race, the general manager of the PJSC UDP, Dmytro Moskalenko, pointed out that "the auction results show that interest in shipments of wheat on the Danube continues to grow. Farmers have make sure that the logistic connection works and that the UDP carries out its tasks'. According to Moskalenko, in the future the prices of Grain river transport services will stabilize. "We - he underlined - we continue to make every effort to increase the size of our fleet. All the activities of repair of the UDP's basic fleet have been brought to term. In April we placed 23 covered barges under Ukrainian flag. In May, 12 more were added, which soon they will get the necessary permissions and start to operate. The increase in fleet capacity - specified Moskalenko - will stabilize prices."

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