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June 8, 2022

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European Parliament votes against the inclusion of shipping in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme

Dardenne (T&E): ambitious transport measures maritime and road have been delayed. Grimaldi (ALIS): averted the risk of a modal back shift with the return of millions of trucks on highways

The inclusion of the shipping industry in the ETS for Union carbon emission allowance trading European, requested by the European Commission ( of 14 July 2021), which today could have become reality, is instead slipped or could skip since in today's meeting the European Parliament has voted against the package of measures in carbon market reform theme including extension of the EU ETS to maritime transport. Votes against these 340 measures, 265 were in favour and 265 abstentions were 34.

The rapporteur of the proposal for a directive amending the Directive 2003/87/EC establishing the EU ETS, Peter Liese, highlighting that right, greens and social democrats have accepted compromises on emissions trading, complained that "the Social Democrats and the Greens were not live up to their responsibilities for the protection of the climate. The proposal - highlighted Liese - has strengthened the Commission proposal in many points and represents a greater climate protection: for example, we would have achieved a reduction in the 63% instead of 61% of emissions trading in 2030; we would have included the incineration of waste, we would have included the maritime transport much earlier than envisaged by the Commission and there are many other points where we have strengthened the proposal of the Commission'. Liese has however declared himself optimist: "personally - he explained - I believe that the Council of Ministers will find reasonable compromises on all the points in question, but - he specified - it is a pity for Parliament'.

The non-governmental organization Transport & Environment (T&E) welcomed Parliament's green light today european to the extension of the EU ETS to air transport, but in the at the same time, it expressed disappointment at the delay imprinted the inclusion in the system of both maritime transport and road transport. "European legislators - commented the T&E aviation manager, Jo Dardenne - they sent a clear signal. Most aviation emissions European will no longer be ignored, marking an important step forward in the fight against long-haul flights strongly pollutants. Now it's up to national governments to transform all of this Actually. However - Dardenne recriminated - the disagreements on the whole package mean that the ambitious measures for the sea and road transport agreed by Parliament are now you have been delayed. Negotiators - he urged - should return to the table as soon as possible and maintain the ambitious measures already agreed for road transport and shipping'.

Welcomed by the European Parliament's decision to reject the proposal for the inclusion of the maritime sector in the ETS has been declared the president of the Logistics Association of Sustainable Intermodality: "ALIS - he said Guido Grimaldi - learns with satisfaction the outcome of the plenary of today's European Parliament which, in line with what we have done publicly declared in recent weeks, has rejected the European Commission proposal on the ETS, contained in the Fit for 55 climate package, and approved its return to the Environment Committee».

"Our contrary position - Grimaldi recalled - is always been clear about this new system of taxation, since it would represent in maritime transport a serious problem for shipping companies, with the real risk of closure of some lines of Motorways of the Sea and increase in operating costs for companies as well as the prices of some connections with the islands to the detriment of continuity territorial. We are therefore satisfied - reiterated the President of the Italian association - which the European Parliament has welcomed the requests of ALIS and has recognized the potential damages environmental and economic that would result from the application of the ETS in the maritime sector, and above all the violent risk of a real modal back shift and a 30-year leap back millions of trucks a year on Italian and European motorways, with the consequent increase in CO2 emissions of at least 70% and a increase in externality costs arising for example the increase in accidents'.

"Now - concluded Grimaldi - we hope that the next autumn work of the Environment Committee of the European Parliament confirm the exclusion from the ETS of motorways of the Sea and of the island cabotage lines, connecting the islands in Italy and across Europe, continuing to support businesses on the path of economic and environmental sustainability».

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