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June 10, 2022

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Tarasis (Intercargo) urges governments to take measures to accelerate research and development of zero-world technologies emissions for shipping

The commercial development of these solutions - highlighted - is under the direct control of other stakeholders and not of shipowners

Intercargo, the association representing shipowners engaged in the segment of maritime transport of solid bulk, warns that "it would be a mistake to attribute responsibility the achievement of the objectives of the International Maritime Organization for the zero emissions of shipping entirely on the shoulders of the shipping industry."

On the occasion of the 78th meeting of the Marine Environmento IMO Protection Committee (MEPC), which concludes today and is focused precisely on measures to achieve zero emissions of the maritime transport, the vice president of Intercargo, Spyros Tarasis, highlighted that "global challenges require global solutions, but - he specified - it is necessary to remember that the commercial development of these solutions is under the direct control of other stakeholders and not of shipowners' Sustainable ships, systems, equipment and alternative fuels - is the implication - they are neither designed nor made by the shipowning industry. 'That objective - has Tarasis detected - requires urgent and sudden acceleration in the commercial development of technologies, fuels, propulsion systems and the necessary infrastructure therefor.'

"Although Intercargo fully supports the strong ambition to make shipping zero emissions by 2050 - continued Tarasis - urges governments to take measures needed to accelerate research and development of technologies to zero emissions and to accelerate their spread. The objective of zero emissions - underlined the vice president of Intercargo - it will only be realistic if governments undertake at the IMO the necessary actions to achieve it'.

Tarasis specified that, precisely in order not to compromise the achievement of this goal by 2050, Intercargo urges the immediate approval of the industry's proposal of shipping to establish an International Research Council and Development and an IMO Maritime Research Fund', In addition, Tarasis highlighted the need, in the medium deadline, to introduce a global tax on emissions of carbon of ships in the form of a market-based measure, at in order to accelerate the adoption and dissemination of technologies and zero-carbon fuels.

Tarasis concluded by clarifying that Intercargo believes, that without these actions solicited by the association, would be premature review the interim targets for 2030 as well as for any subsequent year.

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