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June 13, 2022

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Goods traffic handled by the Russian ports

Growth in volumes handled by the ports of call of the Azov Sea-Black Sea and Arctic basins. Decline in other regions

The Association of Russian Commercial Seaports made I note that in the first five months of this year the port ports domestic handled 340.7 million tons of goods, volume similar to that of the corresponding period of 2021 when the flow of cargoes had been 430.5 million tons.

This means that in the month of May 2022 alone the total handled was 71.5 million tons compared to 71.7 million tonnes in May 2021. Contrary to what could presuppose the impact of war Russia-Ukraine on the ports of the region, last month traffic in the ports of the Azov-Black Sea basin recorded a increase of about +6% being amounted to 22.0 million tons compared to 20.7 million in May 2021. Growing also the volumes of cargo handled by the ports of the Arctic basin amounted to 8.8 million tons. On the other hand, volumes are falling of goods handled both from the ports of the Baltic Sea basin and totaled 21.5 million tons (-2%), both from ports of the Caspian Sea basin, where traffic was about 500 thousand tons (-17%), which from the ports of the Far East, which have enlivened 18,7 million tons (- 10%).

With regard to the types of goods handled last month from Russian ports, dry goods have marked a decrease of -3% while the liquid ones recorded a rise of +3%. These the latter amounted to 37.5 million tonnes and, to with the exception of petroleum products which, with 10.3 million tons have suffered a reduction of -20%, all the main types of loads were found to be increasing starting from the traffic of crude oil with 23.7 million tons (+15%) followed by that of liquefied natural gas with 3.1 million tons (+7%) and the traffic of products fed with 500 thousand tons (+67%).

In the dry goods sector the total was 34.0 million tons compared to 35.2 million tons in May 2021. Decreasing coal traffic which has been 18.6 million tons (-1%) as well as that of goods containerized pairs to 3,2 million tons (- 41%) and the traffic of ferrous metals with 2.2 million tons (-12%). In growth in cereals with 2.4 million tons (+33%), mineral fertilizers with 2.0 million tons (+25%) and minerals with 1.6 million tons (+79%).

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