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June 13, 2022

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Assagenti asks for certain times for the execution of five projects that Genoa and its port cannot do without

They are: Third Pass, Railway Node, Motorway Gutter, digitalization and new port dam

The association is focused on what is possible. The clarification is by Paolo Pessina, president of Assagenti, to specify why the association of agents seafarers of Genoa, in its public assembly today, has I only focus, so to speak, on "a bunch of essential works»: the Third Pass of the Giovi (without forget - Pessina pointed out - the indispensable upgrading of the connected Tortona-Milan railway line), the Genoa Railway Node (which - he underlined - will connect the quays of the city port with the high-capacity network), the Gronda di Ponente (the motorway work for which - has remembered - we are talking about work starting next September), the computerization of the port of Genoa (elsewhere - he denounced - the telematic port has been a reality for over twenty years) and the Genoa Dam (we must know for sure - he asked - when the work will be realized).

Regardless of size and complexity of the works (hence our "so to speak"), which these five goals are within reach is all to be seen (from here the "what is possible" of Assagenti and the series of questions posed by the association about the implementation of projects).

The assembly of Assagenti, like those of many others local trade associations, it was also held this year in the form of a talk show, probably the kind of event less suitable for outlining and analyzing the terms of issues which should be of vital importance for categories concerned, where at most (and in the worst case given that the quality of these events does not tend to the best) the comparison it becomes a spectacle. Years ago in these offices were the employees of the sector that directly addressed their requests to those who are in possession of the tools to solve problems: to the presidents of the maritime and port authorities and the Minister for Transport. Now, however, there are master of ceremonies in charge of coordinate the dances. Today it was the journalists Luca Telese and Sergio Rizzo. The latter, since the publication in 2007 of his book "La casta" written with Gian Antonio Stella in which denounced the evils of politics, is called in various for a to highlight the flaws of bureaucracy and in particular of the ruling class, from politicians to Administrators. Not even today has escaped his role Recalling that, with reference to the granting of the resources of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, the works must be completed by 2026. We are already late, he warned Rizzo recalling that in Italy for the works of over 50 million euro on average the timing is 15 years and noting that in recent years the speed of implementation of projects it has not grown at all. Recalled to a higher dose of optimism from Luca Telese, who as a master of chapel evidently felt compelled to recall those of the musical body that were out of tune, Rizzo could not fail to externalize the his pessimism is the result of decades of repeated and countless unfulfilled promises of a breakthrough.

Turning point that, according to some participants in the talk show, to Genoa was there with the collapse of Ponte Morandi. With the disaster, assured the president of the shipping agents Pessina, there was a cultural leap. A local push that - for the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa - "could become powerfully autonomist" if local instances do not were to be received at national level, threatened Luigi Athanasius perhaps forget that the decision to rebuild the bridge in record time it had been hired by the central government and the money (€217 million) to achieve it - not a few when compared with those necessary for similar works - were for the almost entirety borne by Autostrade per l'Italia and as if not was aware that between the Late Middle Ages of the Superba and the Genoa in globalization hundreds of years have passed and the Mondo is now another.

With the aim of removing the series of question marks that dot those that the association of shipping agents considers be the "five pillars for the Genoa of the future", the president of Assagenti insisted on the removal of unknowns on the timing of implementation of the projects by fixing immediately "centres of responsibility which will be called upon to to give an account of these works". An exhortation, it seems, to commissioner those of these works that are not already Are. That is, to make exceptional what should be normal, to Rizzo's face. In this sense, the "model Genoa", slogan made their own by the companies that have participated in the execution of the reconstruction of the Genoese bridge, it certainly does not help to make normal what should be normal.

Bruno Bellio

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